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    6-28-2010 -Nancy Grace is covering Kyron right now!

    Just wanted to let everyone know.

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    Yep.. is this the first time she's covered it??

    Haven't mentioned the upcoming statement yet..

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    Well that was useless!

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    I actually appreciated hearing some of what Mark Klaas thought about the last time TH saw Kyron as she was walking Kyron to class and what Kyron said and what TH did.

    If you're walking "with" someone...why would you wave?

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    I 100% do not think stepmom was involved. I think it was a school staff or a parent or someone attending the science fair. They picked a very chaotic day which everyone is absorbed into the science projects. Try giving the teachers and the school staff lie detector tests and interviews galore.

    I don't care about the kissing goodbye thing. I wave to my son when I'm leaving him. He doesn't want me to kiss him goodbye. It's crazy how over-analyzed things seem to get.

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