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    CA - Paul Whitmore for sex abuse, child porn, San Diego, 2006

    Just as Belinda is bringing us up to date on the outcomes of crimes posted here, I've decided to make sure we don't miss out on posting about pedophiles who slipped through the WS cracks.

    I feel it is very important for victims of child sexual abuse to come upon their abuser's name on WS. I want them to know that we've attempted to shine a light on these despicable crimes. And who knows, a victim who has not disclosed might feel more comfortable in doing so if they see a thread here.

    I feel that while all pedophiles are vile, the professional "helping" pedophile is the most vile. This would include doctors, therapists, teachers, law enforcement officers. These are people who have spent their entire lifetime setting up their crime. They have dedicated their lives to destroying innocence for the express purpose of their prurient lust.

    On that note, I present to you, Paul Gordon Whitmore. It's a name we should know. I've thoroughly checked the archives for both threads and posts and I cannot find him. If he's been covered, I would appreciate the mods removing or moving this thread.

    Paul Gordon Whitmore, of San Diego, CA was a therapist who specialized in treating children with developmental disabilities and autism. He was also a family and marriage counselor. However, his "treatment" is not what any child should ever endure:


    Judge calls pedophile 'the worst I have ever sentenced'

    February 9, 2006

    "A pedophile who was part of the international child pornography ring that exchanged videos and photos of themselves molesting children was sentenced Thursday to more than 467 years to life in state prison.
    Paul Whitmore, a former counselor for autistic children, was convicted Nov. 30 of 51 felony charges, including committing a lewd act on a child, aggravated sexual assault on a child, posing a minor for pictures involving sexual conduct for commercial purposes and attempting to dissuade a witness from reporting a crime...."


    "...The victims who were forced to testify at trial were put through hell..."


    "...Over several years, Whitmore "groomed" a number of children – including one he was a caretaker for – into a "circle of hell," in which they were molested and had their photos taken and posted on the Internet, Dort said. The defendant's desire to have sex with children was topped only by his passion to create a library of child pornography that was distributed around the world, the prosecutor said....."

    more at link (be cautious of triggers, the details are graphic)

    Another article:


    Judge calls case worst in her career

    February 10, 2006

    "....“You are the most despicable individual I have come across,” [Judge] Kaneshiro told Whitmore.

    She noted that during the trial Whitmore appeared to enjoy when jurors were shown videos and photos of children in sexual poses. One video showed a young girl who was being handcuffed and tickled, the judge said.

    You actually smiled while the video was being played . . . ” Kaneshiro said. “It appeared as if you were reliving that sadistic moment in time.

    more at link (also very graphic)

    The revocation of Mr. Whitmore's license, with even more details about his crimes:


    An overview from People magazine, prior to Whitmore's trial, with lots of info on the other perps:

    Web of Horror

    A Timely Tip and Some Clever Internet Sleuthing Help Break An Appalling International Child Pornography Ring

    "Agents dubbed it Operation Hamlet—after "the line in the Shakespeare play 'Something is rotten in the state of Denmark..."

    And an unusual site which gives some insight into what LE are looking for when they make these busts:


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    He actually believes that this is perfectly acceptable. Then why wipe the images off your computer when an accusation comes up, hmmm? I'm glad he got a sensible judge and is locked away forever.

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    Remarks of U.S. Customs Commissioner Robert C. Bonner: Press Conference on Operation Hamlet


    ".......What is particularly disturbing about this case is that the majority of the people who have been charged, were actually the parents of and in many instances were sexually exploiting their own children. In many instances, parents forced their children to pose in sexually explicit ways and to commit sex acts, that were photographed and then posted on the Internet. With the power of the Internet, what may have once been an isolated local crime, quickly became a global crime......"


    ".....Throughout this summer, we have all been repeatedly shocked at the rash of abductions, molestations and murders of innocent children. It cannot be repeated enough, and bears repeating again, that America's most precious asset is its children. Our children must be protected at any cost.

    At the root of many child abductions, child murders and child sexual molestations is a twisted desire for sex with children. This desire of pedophiles is fueled by child pornography, which today - unfortunately -- is more available than ever through the Internet. By aggressively pursuing pedophiles through their efforts to obtain child pornography on the Internet, we can identify child molesters as agents did in this investigation.

    In Operation Hamlet, dozens of children were molested and their images posted on the Internet. In this case, the normal safe harbor for many of these children -- their parents -- turned out to be their chamber of horrors.

    Instead of protecting their children, these parents instead exploited them in the worst possible way.We depend on the natural instincts of parents to protect their children from being abducted, from being exploited, and from being exposed to pedophiles. But when the parents are the abusers, then the government must step in with all its might.

    With their images now distributed on the Internet, the 45 children who suffered abuse at the hands of those charged in this case will continue to suffer. Their images will be on the Internet for years and years to come -- passed from pedophile to pedophile. This is a crime that never ends...."

    much more at link

    Wise words, indeed. The crime that never ends.

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    Another link about Operation Hamlet and its impact in Europe. This seems to be translated but has some very disturbing information in it:


    "...The Belgian branch was judged in such discretion that no one was informed. Sixty-five children were supposed to have been rescued...."

    more at link

    This article brings up an excellent point. I've been following the crime of child pornography for 12 years now, and I did not know the name of Paul Whitmore. Why?

    I understand that the government must be very circumspect in their arrests in an ongoing investigation. But there was a People article which ran about Operation Hamlet a full four years before Whitmore was even sentenced. His clients, family members, and neighbors (both victims and non-victims) had possibly grown up or moved away. There seems to be such a deep disconnect between the criminal and his/her community. And the community is where the victims are. The community is where healing happens.

    My guess is that untold numbers of victims are simply afraid or unable to come forward. How are we, as parents, caregivers and community member to respond to the needs of these children if we don't have an unbroken link to updates on a case such as this?

    As an example, I am a pretty good researcher and I've been active on WS for about a year. I thought that not much in the child porn news network got past me. It took a single post from Mercyneal to alert me to the fact that three sons of mine grew up in a county foster care system where Dr. William Ayres saw a steady stream of foster children. He molested many of the boys. After thorough research and digging through old files, it seems as if our sons were spared. Thank God. But what about other parents and victims that don't still live in the area and don't read WS carefully everyday?

    So just how many unidentified victims are there out there from all the "Operations" that have been held? Are these children getting the help and therapy they are entitled to?

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    Has he shared child porn with Dr. William Ayres? I wouldn't put it past him...

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    I'm doing a little "project" concerning stings and operations. Be watching in the next couple of days. I think the numbers will shock everybody down to their socks.

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    Can someone check the statement made above in the first article I linked to:

    "...A pedophile who was part of the international child pornography ring that exchanged videos and photos of themselves molesting children was sentenced Thursday to more than 467 years to life in state prison...."

    I've checked but I can't find him. Belinda, can you look at this, please.

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