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    CA - Oakland Man throws baby dtr into moving traffic

    Sorry if someone has already posted this. Yesterday, an Oakland man, John Taylor, threw his baby daughter Jayla (sp?), into oncoming traffic and then attacked police and witnesses who tried to subdue him. I just saw a news preview on tv : the baby's mother--who looks about 14 years old, not sure of her actual age-- says she "refuses" to believe that he did this.


    Here's the mother --she just doesn't get that the father could hurt the baby...http://www.ktvu.com/video/24227608/index.html

    Apparently both parents have to take medication for mental problems; the mom takes it for depression and dad has more serious issues and is supposed to take meds to balance brain chemistry. Not a great legacy for little Jayla.

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    Oh my goodness! Thank god this little girl was not seriously injured!
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    her legacy will be what she makes it.

    gentics may pre depose her to mental illness but it guarntees nothing.

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    ummm, perhaps the mother shouldn't have custody if she doesn't think her baby was in danger

    she doesn't get that it doesn't matter what the father's intent was, it only matters what that he put his baby in harm's way

    oh the fact that he ran away afterwards ... yeah, the mother says she'd probably do the same thing

    I need to get off this thread now

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    Thumbs up Thank the police

    Interesting article. This guy is usually singing "F The Police" but wrote about how an off duty officer was a hero here.

    The off duty officer pulled the baby from under a car. He commandeered traffic to avoid anymore injury and chased the dad down and held him there until back up arrived.

    Way to go Officer. Off duty and all.


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    Angry Father charged, daughter home safe after being run over in Oakland street

    By Sean Maher
    Oakland Tribune
    Posted: 07/12/2010 04:22:54 PM PDT
    Updated: 07/12/2010 04:22:55 PM PDT
    OAKLAND The man accused by police of putting his daughter into traffic over the weekend was charged with two felonies today, police said.
    While John Taylor Jr., 21, remained in jail on charges of child endangerment and resisting arrest, his daughter returned home after a brief hospital stay with a scrape on her forehead and a small scratch on her back, the girl's mother said.
    <snip>"I believe the way he reacted was off of him thinking his baby was gone, then," Bartholomew said. "He loves his daughter. When we broke up, he said: 'If we're not together, I at least want to be there for her because my parents weren't there for me.'"Bartholomew said early reports that Taylor had "thrown" Jayla into the street didn't make sense because the girl was not hurt as badly hurt as she would have been if that had happened. more at link: http://www.contracostatimes.com/top-stories/ci_15499609

    Wonderful mother! CPS needs to take this kid and fast!
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    And CPS handed the kid back to the mother? Big shock.

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