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    Australia - Lynette Dawson, 34, Sydney, Jan 1982 - Presumed dead

    Originally posted by butwhatif? moved here for discussion...

    I only heard about this case today, because Lynette is a relative to my nephews adopted mother. They are the most amazing family, and hopefully we can help them with some closure. It's trickier to sleuth people and criminal doocuments here in Oz, but I really want to give it our best shot.
    I'll start with some links:

    After years of waiting Lyn Dawson's family demands action
    The 34-year-old mother-of-two disappeared on January 9, 1982. Her body has never been found and her family have not heard from her since six days before her disappearance.
    Among the claims the inquiries heard were that Mrs Dawson’s husband, Chris, who was a teacher at Cromer High School, had attempted to arrange a hit man to kill her and had previously physically assaulted her.
    Although the DPP has publicly said a lack of evidence was the reason charges were not laid, privately the family had been told the lack of a body and a belief that Lynette’s mother saw her after she went missing were factors, according to Mrs Jenkins.
    But Lynette’s mother, Helena Simms, who died in 2001, never saw or heard from Lynette after January 3, 1982, Mrs Jenkins said. ``We don’t know where that came from. The last time my mother spoke to Lyn was on January 3, 1982,’’ she said.
    Mr Dawson’s solicitor, his brother Peter, maintained the Dawson family believed Lynette was not murdered but left of her own will.

    About 350 people have already signed the petition, which states: ``We, the undersigned, in the interest of justice for Lynette Dawson nee Simms, who disappeared Saturday 9/1/1982, request that the Department of Public Prosecutions re-examine their decision not to proceed with the prosecution against a known person who had committed an indictable offence as found by two State Coroners.’‘
    The petition can be found at: gopetition.com.au/online/35813.html

    My note: there are now 450 signatures. We need more.

    The charming devil and his missing wife
    "He was just so gorgeous, of course you believed him," Lynette Dawson's aunt, Lee Fletcher, said last week.
    "But behind closed doors," said another of Ms Dawson's relatives, "he was a monster, a domineering control freak."

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    Lynette Dawson is the mother of two who went missing in January 1982.
    Her husband, the former Newtown Jets football player Chris Dawson, is the man police believe killed her to make way for his burgeoning relationship with a schoolgirl.
    Last week, as deputy NSW coroner Carl Milovanovich recommended a "known person" be charged with Mrs Dawson's murder, her family embraced that schoolgirl after she gave her adult testimony of her own tortured time as Dawson's second wife.
    The following is a transcript from an Aussie program called Australian story:
    CAPTION: Just before Christmas, Chris Dawson left Lyn and headed for Queensland with Joanne Curtis. Along the way, according to Joanne, she changed her mind and broke off the relationship.
    DET. SGT DAMIAN LOONE: Chris moved back to the family home and then, with Lyn, decided to seek counselling which they went to on Friday, 8 January 1982.
    PAT JENKINS: That evening, Mum rang Lyn about 8:30.
    GREG SIMMS: She got Chris on the phone and she had a talk with him. He said to Mum that everything was fine, they'd been to a marriage counsellor and everything was going to work out. And Mum said, "Can I speak to Lyn?" And he was reluctant to put Lyn on the phone. And finally, he relented and she came to the phone.
    PAT JENKINS: So Mum rang Lyn. The first thing Mum said is, "You sound a bit sozzled."
    GREG SIMMS: She said to Mum, "My husband's poured me a lovely drink "and everything is just going to be fine." And she said it with a slurred voice.
    DET. SGT DAMIAN LOONE: Mrs Simms thought that unusual because Lyn and Chris weren't drinkers.

    On Saturday January 9, 1982, Lynette Dawson of Bayview, devoted mother of 2 young children, disappeared.
    Two State Coroners determined that Lyn is dead, and that a “known person has committed an indictable offence”. However, the Dept. of Public Prosecutions (DPP) chose not to prosecute the known person, against the advice of the two Coroners.
    28 years later Lyn’s body has still not been found, and her family are still looking for justice for Lyn. Please sign the petition to show your support in the pursuit of justice for Lyn and her family. We are asking for the DPP to reverse their decision.
    A direct link to the petition:

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    A photo of Lyn:

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    Even if you don't have the time to sleuthe this case, please take a moment to sign the petition. Maybe, just maybe if the DPP see's that this case is getting world-wide attention they will take more action.



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    I signed, there are now 456 signatures.

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    Thanks for signing kat. (((hugs)))

    New update:

    Meanwhile, he is searching for a match to mitochondrial DNA found on a cardigan that was unearthed during a search of the Bayview home Mrs Dawson shared with her then husband Chris before her disappearance in January 1982, when she was 34 years old.

    Last year Det-Sgt Loone sent the cardigan to a laboratory in Texas and received a response in May that identified a minute amount of mitochondrial DNA on it.
    Det-Sgt Loone said he has obtained DNA samples from Mrs Dawson’s family, none of which matches the DNA found on the cardigan.

    “So there’s an unidentified piece of mitochondrial DNA on the garment,” he said.
    Mr Dawson, now aged 62 and living in Queensland, has never offered a sample of his DNA to the police.

    “He’s always maintained his rights to silence, ever since the inquiry commenced,” Det-Sgt Loone said

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    New article...$100,000 reward being offered.

    Lynette Dawson was 33 when she disappeared from Sydney's northern beaches in 1982, leaving behind two daughters.

    Police have listed her husband - former Newtown Jets football player turned teacher, Chris Dawson - as a possible suspect.

    Mr Dawson, now 62, has continually denied playing any part in his wife's disappearance despite a police investigation and evidence at a coroner's inquest that he was an abusive husband.

    This week a $100,000 reward has been offered in a bid to get information that might lead to the 28-year-old mystery being solved.
    Much more at link....


    Looking for lynette Dawson FB page:


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    This is a rather unusual development. Would be incredible if this turned out to be real.


    Australian whose wife vanished 28 years ago 'spots her on Antiques Roadshow'
    By Daily Mail Reporter
    Last updated at 12:50 PM on 30th December 2010

    An Australian claims to have seen his wife on the Antiques Roadshow - after she mysteriously vanished 28 years ago.
    Mother-of-two Lynette Dawson went missing from Sydney in 1982 and was presumed dead, although her body was never found.
    Now her former husband Chris claims that an image of a woman at the TV show which was filmed in Padstow, Cornwall, in 2006 and recently aired on Australian TV is his former spouse.

    Mystery solved? Chris Dawson claims the woman seen in a 2006 episode of Antiques Roadshow (right) is his former wife Lynette (left), who went missing 28 years ago

    However Lynette's own family dispute his claims and have appealed to people living in Padstow to help identify the woman so that the matter can be laid to rest.
    Mrs Dawson was last seen at Mona Vale on Sydney's Northern Beaches in January 1982. Her last contact with her family was six days before her disappearance.
    Two separate coroners' inquires in 2001 and 2003 found Mrs Dawson was murdered and recommended charges be brought against a known individual. But this advice has not been acted on.
    Mr Dawson, a former professional sportsman, who has remarried and is living on the Gold Coast, sent the following email to his daughter.
    'The show was filmed in Padstow, Cornwall, in England, and the likeness to your mum is uncanny,' he wrote.
    'It has given us a strong sense of hope that at last her whereabouts may be known.'
    However since the email was published in Australia, Mr Dawson has refused to talk further about the television sighting.
    Beloved series: Michael Aspel hosted the Antiques Roadshow between 2000 and 2007, with the episode purported to feature Lynette Dawson filmed in 2006
    But Mrs Dawson's sister, Patricia Jenkins, believes the images are not her missing sibling.
    'There is no way this is Lyn,' she said. 'Just the clothes tell me it's not her. She would never wear anything frilly or lacy.'
    Mrs Jenkins said the family wished to put Mr Dawson's 'desperate claim' to rest and would be grateful for information about the woman seen on Antiques Roadshow.
    'How long have you known her?' Mrs Dawson appealed. 'Do you know her family? Does she have an Australian accent?
    'All this would be such a help to us. Everyone in the family believes [Lynette] is dead, it's just a horrible reality.'

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    NSW Police's missing persons list contains many murder victims whose bodies never found


    "Devoted mothers don't abandon children," he said. "Alarm bells sound when a woman vanishes without her kids."

    Lynette Dawson, mother of two, is one case.

    "She would never have left her children," he said of the 33-year-old mother of two who vanished in January 1982. "It's a sad fact she has been murdered. Two coronial inquiries have stated the same thing investigators knew pretty instinctively."

    More: http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/new...-1226234380011

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    Saw this case on Australia's Wanted show from this week. Two separate coronial inquest recommendations to pursue murder charges, yet the DPP feels it can't based on lack of evidence. So sad. At the very least, I hope Lyn's family can find her one day, even if she has passed. Her family seem lovely.

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    Reward doubles for missing Sydney mum


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