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    2010.07.15 ~ TODAY's CURRENT NEWS ***No discussions please***

    Today's current news from the mainstream media - NO DISCUSSIONS

    Snip 10% of the article to comply with copyright regulations.

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    Sources Say • Kyron case now a ‘chess match’
    The Portland Tribune, Jul 15, 2010

    Attorney Bruce McCain is uniquely qualified to comment on the increasingly bizarre Kyron Horman case, and he offered Fox 12 a good theory about what's happening behind the scenes earlier this week.


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    Kyron's stepdad: Terri 'without a doubt' behind his disappearance
    King5 Posted on July 15, 2010 at 8:05 AM

    "I told everybody there, this is normal. This is what happens. She [Terri] instantly started to express some displeasure with that and not wanting...feeling like she was persecuted. And I thought that was an unusual reaction that early in that," he said. "But I didn't act on that, I just thought that was kind of strange. But of course thought about it later, a period of time later, and it started adding up from there."


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    Police ask media for footage


    "Authorities are asking media to give them copies of any video interviews with students, parents or others who said they saw Kyron Horman after 8:45 a.m. on June 4.

    "The Multnomah County Sheriff's Office said it will not comment on why it wants this information. In addition to the footage, the sheriff's office is asking for contact information for those who were interviewed.

    "The request raises questions for the timeline -- which changed in the early days of the investigation -- of what happened the morning that Kyron Horman disappeared from Skyline School. Police initially said Kyron was seen by someone around 9 a.m. at the school. They later said he was last seen at 8:45 a.m. by his stepmother, Terri Moulton Horman, as he headed to his classroom."

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    New press release from the Sheriff's office:

    Investigators request media assistance - 07/15/10

    As part of the continuing investigation the Investigative Team for the MCSO is asking all media outlets who may have video footage of students, parents, school officials or community members interviewed, who believe or indicated that they saw Kyron Horman after 8:45am on Friday June 4, 2010 to please send a copy of that video to the Sheriff's Office along with contact information for the person interviewed.



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    The Oregonian

    Terri Moulton Horman's attorney asks for more time for her to move out, cites threats against his client
    Published: Thursday, July 15, 2010, 4:39 PM
    Updated: Thursday, July 15, 2010, 5:35 PM

    Kaine's lawyer said her client would like to get back in his home and get Kiara, 20-months-old, "back where she belongs."

    She cited the need to bring back some routine for Kiara, as well as safety concerns, noting that Kaine Horman is not sure who else Terri Horman shared his new address with. He needs to recode the electric gate outside their home, change locks, buy groceries and get back to work to support the family, his lawyer Laura Rackner said.

    "He's the mother and father now,'' Rackner added.

    "The child's best interest in this case is to be back home," Rackner told the court. "She's got a brother whose abruptly gone...Mr. Horman has to get the child back into a routine, get her adjusted."

    Houze said his client has agreed to leave the home, and was working with attorneys to make sure Kiara and Kaine had the necessary possessions they needed.

    "It is simply a matter of logistics," Houze said. "It is not a simple matter to pick up everything and simply be gone."

    He also said Terri Horman has been the subject of threats. He said there's been "threats of harm routinely directed towards my client which I take very seriously."

    He blamed the threats on what he called a "media frenzy...a witchhunt" directed at his client.

    Houze also said he didn't understand why Kaine would put his new address in the restraining order petition, when he could have chosen not to do so. He said he wonders how serious Kaine Horman's safety concerns are, considering "they revealed to my client where he was staying."

    "It is one of the upmost concerns of my client that her daughter be in a safe, well-cared for circumstance," Houze said.

    "I suggest 96 hours, Monday afternoon."

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    Willamette Week

    How Long Could It Take to Close the Kyron Horman Case? Ask Diane Downs.
    2:54 PM July 15th, 2010

    In the process of reporting this week’s story about the pace of the Kyron Horman investigation, more than one source drew parallels to Oregon’s notorious Diane Downs case. To anyone hoping for a speedy resolution—including Multnomah County Chair Jeff Cogen—the example is not a heartening one.


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    Court docs: Kaine wants Terri out of the house now

    Court documents reveal that Kaine Horman’s legal representatives are asking a judge to move up Terri Horman’s move-out date up to July 15 or 16. Terri’s attorney has said she will not contest the order to move out, but the original timeline was for moving operations to begin after a July 22 hearing on the matter.

    The documents say that Kaine is now asking to push up the date “to protect the safety of Petitioner [Kaine Horman] and the children,” who were not specifically named.

    The document went on to say that Terri Horman has “not provided information about when she will vacate the family residence.”

    The documents were dated July 13 and the trial date was marked “none.”


    KATU News identified who the landscaper is Thursday and left messages for him. His brother said they can't speak to the media.

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    Kyron's Father Arrives At Courthouse
    POSTED: 4:32 pm PDT July 15, 2010
    UPDATED: 5:07 pm PDT July 15, 2010

    Kaine Horman made his first appearance in family court Thursday while his lawyer and Terri Horman's lawyer met with a judge. Terri Horman was not present.

    No decision was reached Thursday, but the attorneys will reconvene at 3 p.m. Friday at the Multnomah County Courthouse.

    The lawyers didn't make any comments, but Terri Horman's lawyer, Stephen Houze, said she needs until at least Monday afternoon before she can move out.

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    Hearing Friday for Kyron's father asking step-mom Terri to leave home

    Through her attorney, Terri has said that she would be willing to move out if Kaine would pay for the move. However, Kaine's attorney said he was not willing to give her any money until she cooperates with police, because Kaine believes Terri has information about Kyron's whereabouts.


    Terri's attorney Houze said the ability for her to move out was difficult due to the media "witch hunt" and news conferences held by the Hormans were "fanning the flames." He argued his client should be granted until Monday afternoon.



    Hearing Friday for Kyron's father asking step-mom Terri to leave home
    Posted on July 14, 2010 at 10:48 AM
    Updated today at 5:22 PM

    The attorney for Kaine Horman was pushing to force his estranged wife, Terri Moulton Horman to move out of their home as soon as possible so he could move back in and wait for a break in Kyron's disappearance.

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