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    Press Release from WVCPD

    They haven't announced anything new, but the fact that they're finally talking is huge...and promising regular updates:

    Good Afternoon and please allow me a brief moment to introduce myself to everyone here. I am Robert Bobrowski, a detective sergeant with the West Valley City Police Department and the supervisor responsible for the dedicated team of detectives assigned to the disappearance of Susan Powell.

    I will attempt to post a message from our department on a regular basis and if you need to contact me please email me at robert.bobrowski@wvc-ut.gov. If appropriate, I will do my best to provide you with a timely response.

    On behalf of Police Chief Thayle “Buzz” Nielsen, the investigative team and the police department, I am posting the following release:

    The disappearance of Susan Powell is still the top priority for the West Valley City Police Department. To date the department has dedicated over 5000 hours to investigating Susan’s disappearance and has involved numerous outside agencies including federal, local and out of state to assist us in our efforts. Investigators have received and investigated hundreds of tips from the public and continue to receive more information daily.

    The West Valley City Police Department would like the public to know that we appreciate their response to our continued requests for information that might help us find Susan.

    The department, with the help of trained professionals, has conducted numerous searches of the area where Joshua Powell stated that he went camping the night of Susan’s disappearance. These searches have included aerial searches, ground searches and searches of the mines in and around the Simpson Springs area.

    As we have from the beginning of this investigation, we would encourage anyone with information that might be pertinent to the disappearance of Susan Powell to call the West Valley City Police Department at 801-840-4000.

    Link here.

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    between black and white

    Smoke that, Mr POI!

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    Hmmm...... this somewhat belies what Papa Powell was claiming about officials in LE believing Susan left of her own accord now doesn't it? (not that I ever believed that statement held any water to begin with)

    Josh must have made their hinky meter go off as well........

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