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    PA - Lauren Deis, 14, raped & murdered, Pittsburgh, 7 July 2010

    Lauren Deis's body was found dumped in a dumpster. A neighbor told LE they had seen the 14 year old enter the home of a man named Tushon Brown.

    Brown had fled the Pittsburgh area to his mom's in North Carolina.

    Friends of Deis's family said they knew nothing of this guy's 11 felony convictions. He was just released from prison in Janiary.

    Brown's wife had come home and found the horrific crime scene and called police. His wife was not aware he had the prior convictions. Brown has admitted to his part in this poor child's murder. He said she came at him with a knife.


    May you be at peace little girl.

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    Sooooo sad! What a beautiful girl.
    "I would have stayed up with you all night, had I known how to save a life."
    Rest in peace, Ethan Stacy and Aja Johnson.

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    Until we get serious about keeping these offenders off the street, this is a story we will read over and over and over.

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    She was just a baby Lauren Deis. The brutality that was cast on this child is horrendous.

    There was hardly any press about this. That I have seen anyway.

    Lauren's Facebook. Prayers for her family and the people that love her.


    Oh sad. Lauren was handed a bad roster. Tragic all the way around.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Openmind View Post
    Until we get serious about keeping these offenders off the street, this is a story we will read over and over and over.
    ITA, all the RSO do is get worse through the years.
    They cannot be in society.
    Kyron, HALEIGH, ADJI & Gabriel NEEDS PRAYERS NOW TO FIND THEM!. Zahra & Jonathan in heaven
    Justice for Hailey!!!!
    No Justice for Caylee Marie..........

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    WARNING! Graphic

    This is one of those cases that hardly gets any press, but commentators should be crying out loud about this case. This is the epidemy of our society's handling of ROs. This child is also part of the foster care system that is broke. The pull and tug of these children between their addicted bio parents and often times, a worse fate in foster homes that should NOT be.

    I just saw this on HN with JVM. This story is horrendous.

    The story goes, according to the perp, that he left his home, looking for a woman. He saw this child in front of the hs, so he offered her $200 for sex. She agreed, SO HE SAID, and he took her to his home. Afterwards he said he attempted to take back the $200, saying she wasn't worth it. She came at him with a knife.

    I'm sorry, does anyone really believe this chit!?

    After he struggled and got the knife away from her and stabbed her in the stomach and then in the throat and several more times, he removed her body to the basement and , oh..............................had sex with her corpse. Then after an unsuccessful attempt to cut off her leg to fit her in a trunk, he gave up.

    This is sickening and disgusting and I don't believe a word he says. I want to know what his psyche report says prior to his release.

    This poor child. May she rest in peace. Hopefully, someone will stick up for this child. She never had a chance.

    Rest in peace sweetheart. You deserved so much better and we let you down. You were just a baby and will remain forever young. No one will ever hurt you again.


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    How very, very sad.

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    Pardon me in advance, as my heart is heavy and my soul is on fire over this.

    I had the opportunity to do some volunteer work with less fortunate families, Lauren Deis was one of the people we really befriended. This is without question the hardest story I've had to deal with on here.

    Lauren Deis was a beautiful person. She was a bit misguided (as you can see by her Facebook page, some of the stuff on it), and really never had much of a parental influence in her life... Not after her dad died. Yet, she was such a kind natured girl, and for 13-14 knew a lot about the world, and had some maturity to her. She would do anything though to the people who helped her. My 8 year old daughter absolutely LOVED Lauren and the feeling was mutual. She carries the Hannah Montana backpack Lauren got her for Christmas with her every day, and one of the items Lauren had when she was discovered was something my daughter got at the same time. I spoke with her last about three weeks ago, when my daughter went on summer vacation to my mothers, we were going to have her over for a little welcome home party when my daughter gets back. My daughter was looking so much forward to it. Now, I have the responsibility of telling her it's not.. Yet, I just don't know how to tell her that this happened, that she's never going to see her friend again.. And why. It truly breaks my heart... and PISSES me off at the same time.

    Lauren's story was tragic from the start.. Between bouncing from foster home to foster home, complete instability in her home life.. Just to put it mildly, this poor kid didn't have an easy day in her life.

    The way her life was brought to an end... I can barely stomach the spirit to even TALK about it. Thinking this animal, who has a rap sheet a mile long, was free to do these acts to Lauren are sad enough. His story how things went down is so full of ****, it's unreal to believe that the Pittsburgh Tribune actually PUBLISHED his account. Obviously I wasn't there to know for 100 percent fact what went down that fateful day, but the Lauren I remember wouldn't have done the sick **** this cretin says she did.

    The way he brutalized her makes me beyond sick to my stomach. And it deep down makes me wish amongst wishes I could take my own form of vigilante justice, to make sure he NEVER gets the chance to hurt another person again. He's already broke the hearts of so many. Yet, I know in reality, I have to be the adult... And let "justice" take it's course. My vigilante justice is praying to God Almighty every day that this pile of manure never has the opportunity to harm another person again.

    Honestly, when is this **** going to stop??? Don't give this guy more jail time, don't give him the humane needle.. Strap his ass to the chair, give him 10,000 volts and get the scumbag off the streets for good.

    I'm so sick of seeing innocent people raped and murdered because the justice system lets these animals have a "fair chance" at life. Sorry, you surrendered your rights to a fair chance when you committed the act. And for this act, to me you're no more better than the pile of dog crap I scrape off my shoe every day. You have no regard for life, your actions speak for themselves. Frankly, with that said, why should we have ANY regards for yours?

    Lauren, may justice be swift, and harsh as it can be to this animal. May he never see the light of day again to harm another innocent spirit.

    I refuse to mention the slimeball's name because it makes me vomit to even try, and two he doesn't deserve any kind of recognition. He deserves nothing more than 10,000 volts to the brain. To hell with the needle, it's humane and easy, which was FAR more than he gave you at the end.

    Noone say anything to me about humanity. I don't want to hear it. This animal stole an innocent soul from the world.. You wanna talk humanity?? Ask Lauren Deis how fair "humanity" should be.

    Lauren, we WILL keep your name alive. As God as my witness, I will not rest until the day this bastard faces the justice he needs to get.

    I love you. We all love you.. We will miss you so damn much.. We already do. I'm sorry baby.. I wish there was some way we could have saved you from this horror.

    I need to leave now, and go cry more tears of shame in humanity, anger and heartbreak........ You didn't deserve this Lauren. You didn't ****ing deserve this.

    I'm sorry everyone.`
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    Green Hornet - Your post brought tears to my eyes. I'm so very sorry. I, too, am sorry that your daughter has lost a treasured friend. I don't understand why there are fiends running around our streets, murdering those we care about. It seems in so many of these cases, there were opportunities to keep someone locked up, that were missed. He should not have had the opportunity to savage Lauren. He just shouldn't have.

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    Unhappy So sorry


    Please know I am so sorry for your loss. I am sorry your baby girl has to cry. You were Blessed to know an angel. That's one little angel you have up there on your side. I'd already cried for Lauren when I saw her cuddled up to her lil dog Snikk's. People don't realize how our kids have to be forced to a level of maturity to survive out there. They may appear all tough on the exterior but indeed they are just kids who love their puppy and are grateful for kindness. Lauren was Blessed to have you in her life.

    Meanwhile we have a savage who served only half of his 15 year sentence. All his previous crimes were commited with a knife. He completed a rigorous drug/alcohol program so he gets time off? Less we forget he was released to a Halfway House that he still listed as his addy.

    Hello! The guy got married. Nobody including the PO knew this? Got a clue then maybe he was no longer at proper given addy? It's all b***s** anyway. Graterford provided some of his "rigorous" program. Yeah I saw some real rehabed people come out of there who picked up the day they walked out of there.

    Lil Lauren Deis you have people that care, love. I'm so sorry we let you down. That's no way for a child to have to live and ultimately die at the hands of a murderer.

    I'm so sorry.

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    Belinda and Filly: thank you. It means a lot.

    How do I tell my daughter? How do I tell her that her friend isn't ever coming over again, and she's dead? How do I tell her she's gone forever because a savage animal was set loose by the system that dropped the ball badly. How do I handle my eight year old's tears when I can't handle my own at this point? Why is life so unfair to people like Lauren?

    This all could have been prevented. How many more innocent people are going to suffer the same fate?

    Im babbling.. I feel like I've been babbling since I heard she was missing, then later discovered deceased. I've grown sick. I can't think straight over this.

    I've been on here two years, you guys know I'm pretty passionate as is. I didn't realize how hard it is to cope until it hit so close to home.

    I respect all who handle this with grace and dignity, because you have no idea.. I want find this guy and tell him to try his hand with me.. I'm not a kid you animal.. I'm not an innocent girl.. Try your hand with me...

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    I don't know where to put this, but I have spent most of the day out, reflecting.

    I was down by the Allegheny River and PNC Park, my favorite lookout of the city. I was sitting there thinking, wondering and asking why life is so wrong sometimes, and why there's such cruelty.

    Specifically, I was thinking about Lauren.. Wondering why a 14-year old girl who wouldn't hurt a fly is now gone, at the hands of a criminal, who was free despite a rap sheet a mile long and 15 COUNTS of rape and criminal activity. Why this man was out after seven years on account of "good behavior" and "reform classes".

    "Is life that invaluable, or does it mean so little," I asked myself. "Is life so worthless to some? Is our court system more worried about justice or public perception? Why should people like this animal Brown be granted freedom? Good behavior? "Right to Reform"? Sorry, you harmed lives, right to reform went out the window. There needs to be some kind of alteration to this. Petty thieves, and minor petty criminals deserve the right to reform. Murderers and rapists do not.

    She had her life ahead of her... Now she's gone.. And this animal has no more remorse about it, and is going as far as trying to further SULLY HER NAME to the media by claiming she prostituted herself out to him for $200, then went at him a knife..

    The Lauren I know would NEVER, EVER, EVER prostitute herself.. She was a KID for christs sake. Yet, the media is going to sensationalize this monster's words, and take them at face value?

    Anyhow, as I was sitting thinking this, something happened.

    A butterfly flew up. It had beautiful colors, her favorite colors were orange and black.. She liked butterflies.. My little one drew pictures of them with her all the time.

    It stayed stagnant on me for quite some time. It let me touch it, I'd move, it'd stay and seemingly was just looking at me.

    Then I realized.. It was a sign.. It was telling me "I'm ok now.. I'm in a better place."

    The tears flowed. The tears flowed in mass. But I knew this was her last gift, as she had given us so many in her short time that we were friendly with her.

    I got up to leave. It looked once more, fluttered, then flew away... Away to her new life, one better than she ever had here.

    So, to all of you who post things for loved ones gone, and looking for justice, this is for you.

    "I had a butterfly on my shoulder
    It was an angel from above
    She brought to me a message
    One from a lost love.
    Don't say goodbye, for I'm not gone
    I'm always going to be here
    When you're feeling down and missing me
    A butterfly will be near."

    God Bless you all.

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    Wow. That was incredibly beautiful. I am so sorry for your pain. Surely Lauren knows now how much she was loved.

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    Definately a sign. That sweet kid remembered kindness from good people and had to let you know she is O.K.

    GH, I'm just so sorry.

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    I am so sorry. I have to share my story about my brother-in-law - when he passed away at 23, a butterfly landed on his flowers on his casket at the cemetary. So, ever since, butterflies have been my brother in law.

    We were camping at Thanksgiving with a bunch of friends, all of our cars, trailers and boats in a huge area. A butterfly headed our way. And what did she do? She only landed on our car, our truck, our trailer and our boat. She never once headed to the other autos or people. She was a he and it was my brother in law saying hello.
    There is Good Grief. Just ask Charlie Brown.

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