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    MN - Ken, David, & Dan Klein, ages 4, 6, 8, Minneapolis, Nov 1951

    Three young brothers, Ken, David and Dan Klein, ages 4, 6 and 8, went to Farview park near their north Minneapolis home one day in November, 1951. When their older brother, Gordy, went to join them he couldn't find them...and they were never seen again.

    After a few days, police found two of their caps in the Mississippi River, and decided they had drowned. Their bodies were never recovered, nor were other clothes. One airplane pilot told their heartbroken father that since the boys were wearing red jackets, the pilots of search planes would have been able to see their bodies, but none had. The police called off the search anyway.

    "In the months after the official search was ended, the Kleins continued their own relentless search. Kenneth went to schools throughout the region - he hoped to visit every school within 500 miles of Minneapolis - looking at the faces of the children. "

    Thirty-one years later, their parents were still putting ads in the newspaper looking for them.

    What happened to the Klein brothers?

    (source, 38-year vigil continues - Parents still hope they'll be reunited with three sons missing since 1951
    Star Tribune, November 14, 1989 )

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    13 NOV 1951

    (the article above says that a tracking dog was taken to an area where a witness said they had seen three boys resembling the Klein brothers sitting on the curb(stone). The tracking dog followed a scent trail to the river bank where it stopped, the area of the river where the scent stopped-current very swift).

    I only see other articles published in the same time frame that all seem to have the same information, just rewritten or republished by different papers.

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    Of course, you can't say for sure without proof, but it does sound like the boys drowned. Maybe the littlest boy fell in and the two older ones tried to save him. Apparently the current there was very fast.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. E View Post
    Of course, you can't say for sure without proof, but it does sound like the boys drowned. Maybe the littlest boy fell in and the two older ones tried to save him. Apparently the current there was very fast.
    I have to agree - the dog went from the place the boys were last seen sitting to the riverbank. I would assume the boys were goofing around the water (maybe throwing rocks into it or something similar) and one (or more) fell in and the others tried to help. It was November and in Michigan so I even if they were able to swim they would have gotten hypothermia quickly.

    Poor boys.

    These sort of cases bother me most - sucks when a family loses a child but its even worse when they have no idea what happened to them for the rest of their life.

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    I'd also have to go with drowning; I know that it's technically possible, as is anything in this world, but it would be REALLY hard to abduct three kids at one time.

    My question is, did the Klein boys have friends who might've seen them at the park that day? Also, how much time elapsed between when the three initially set off for the park and when the oldest joined them?

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    State attempts to identify unknown remains


    The remains being tested as part of this effort were found in Minnesota from the 1970s to the 1990s.
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    I am from MN...and the Mississippi can get very high. Plenty of people have drowned and not been found for a long time. Recently Kira Trevino's body was found there by a worker...and the river had been previously searched. It's huge.

    I just don't see someone kidnapping 3 kids. Maybe one fell in and the others went after him. Maybe they thought to go swimming?

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    Wow never heard of this case until today on Charley Project. Why did it take so long to get them added to NaMus ? I cannot imagine losing 1 kid let alone 3. Is the older brother still alive ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boomeroreo View Post
    I don't think so. The Ancestry David was born in 1922. He was 6 years old in 1951 when he disappeared.

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