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    Exclamation Wow! Just Wow! Horrific Police Car Accident!!


    How this guy survived is beyond me. Just a miracle.

    SM Police Officer Recovering After Horrific Crash

    SANTA MARIA Not much is left of a Santa Maria Police cruiser after it was wrapped around a tree early Sunday morning.

    The powerful impact nearly split the squad car in two stopping just short of the officer sitting behind the wheel.

    "That car is the worst police traffic collision I have seen here at this police department in 35 years", says SMPD Chief Dan Macagni.

    Macagni says Officer Damon Badnell was responding to a call for help from another officer on foot chasing a burglary suspect in the north end of town.

    "It had just rained, the roads were slick and for unknown reasons he lost control of the car at Main and Broadway", Macagni says.

    Officer Badnell is being treated for broken bones at Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital where doctors are optimistic about his recovery....
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    Prayers for his quick recovery! My word! That is the worst car wreck I've even seen (afterwards) and someone survived.

    I'm sure his family is counting their blessing tonight for sure!

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    Holy car!!!! That picture is amazing!!! What a miracle!

    ETA: I meant 'holy COW' but I gues 'car' works too!

    Justice for Travis

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    I checked out the pic first and was happily surprised that this man made it out alive. His guardian angels were certainly looking out for him.

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    Another good reminder for people to use their seatbelts!!!!

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    wow is right
    thank goodness he's ok

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    Holy car crashes, Batman! I think there is a new super hero on the block!

    I've heard of people walking down the side walk, trip, and have more injuries than that police officer!!! LOOK AT HIS SQUAD CAR O M G

    He's cute, too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shamrock View Post
    Holy car!!!! That picture is amazing!!! What a miracle!

    ETA: I meant 'holy COW' but I gues 'car' works too!

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