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    NC - Non Compliant Sex Offender Rapes 13 year old

    Don't judge Jermaine Thomas that's what his shirt says in his Mugshot.

    Thomas is a non compliant sex offender who didn't feel like registering. He also forced a 13 year old boy into the woods last month and raped him.

    Was the PO looking for him? Why wasn't he taken off the street? Is there not enough manpower? What is it?

    Prayers for healing for this young man and it is good he told his parents. I hope he can receive help in therapy.


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    Not enough information about the perp in the article to guess what went wrong and how he slipped through the cracks, but thankfully it seems he'll be in custody for a long time now. It's just another testimony that these SOs should NOT be out of prison. MOO
    Rest in Peace
    Joey, Summer, Gianni & Joseph Mateo

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    I really have no faith in the court system at all. NONE.

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