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    WA - Child Pornographer Who Did Time Back At It

    Oh Lord please help us. This guy did Federal and State time for child pornography. He isn't on parole and I'm not sure why. He lives one block from a school.

    John Richard Cothern has child pornography offenses going back to 1997. The 43 year old was caught by an FBI agent looking into that lousey file sharing crapolla these perverts do. Countless images at his home.

    Cothern admits to sexually assaulting 7 live victims in his lifetime, but none recently. Yeah uh-huh, good, O.K.

    This guy used the name weepint. WTH? Also underlover1 and underlover6 cause I guess 1 was not good enough? Who the heck knows? I feel bad for the agents having to deal with this. I truly do. How many times a day must they want to get up and puke?


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    Filly--So many people don't know the SO rules in their own states. Here in Oregon, SOs have no limitations of where they can live, unless they are determined to be predatory. And no one who is convicted as a minor can ever be labeled predatory, no matter the level of their crime. After the age of 15, if the crime is a Class A felony, a minor can be tried as an adult (as in Dustin Wallace who was just charged with the rape and murder of little Sahara Dwight of Roseburg) under Measure 11 laws which strengthened sentencing in Oregon.

    I think most Americans believe that SOs can't live near schools or parks but that's only true in some states. Also, only some states have full registries on line. In Oregon, you must request, in writing, a list of SOs by a location or a zip code from the State Police. Far too cumbersome, in my opinion.

    Being the parent of a RSO, I do wish that there was some direction for these guys when they get out. They are often so lost and many have no family support or job. They rarely have insurance to cover treatment or meds. Do we really want them wandering around, homeless and jobless? I'd far rather they keep busy in an appropriately supervised environment for a period of time after release. I often feel that we just set up failure rather than success. And failure usually means that a child is hurt. JMO

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