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    MI - Nolan Ray George, 4+ women strangled, MI, OH, KY, 1960s-1982

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    My first question while reading this article was "does Michigan have the 3 strike law"?If so, it looks like he is going away for good this time. I really don't understand why he is even out on the street right now. Seems to me that at least one young lady would still be alive if this pos was where he belongs!
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    Authorities believe Nolan Ray George is responsible for a series of killings

    Just getting the perps name in the thread.

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    I know about this because of my mother. She has always talked about a "cousin" of ours being murdered near Lexington. She knew about it before she discovered Ancestry.com (and said that we were kin to Pocahontas...) so I guess I believe her.
    Her name was Betty Gail Brown and was murdered in 1961 near Lexington.

    The few things I know about her murder is that it was considered part of the "Brassiere murders," could be related to Mr George and could have had some sort of "lesbian connection."

    I read about George being involved in her murder a while back. Does anyone know anything that's come since? I don't know that ANY of what I've heard has been true (other than what what was talked about in the news, which would raise it above a mere rumor). Otherwise, just trying to keep this going to see if I will ever find any real answers to the mystery.

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    From November 2010:


    Lexington police detective Rob Wilson told WKRC-TV in Cincinnati that similarities between the attack of the 19-year-old on Oct. 27, 1961, and other murders has prompted a review of deaths connected to Nolan Ray George... He has not been charged in Betty Gail Brown's death.

    "The manner of death, the absence of sexual activity in the situation, the violence of it — there are certainly similarities," Wilson told the Cincinnati television station... Police could find no apparent motive. Robbery was ruled out because Brown's purse and other belongings were lying untouched beside her. She had not been raped.
    From August 2010:


    That year [1982], Smith was a young road deputy for the Butler County Sheriff's Office -- Hamilton is the county seat -- when he got the call to help secure the scene where the body of a young woman had been found nude and strangled in a field outside town. Smith, born and raised in Hamilton, knew just about everybody in town, and he was shocked to learn that it was the body of Cindy Garland Rose...

    A couple of weeks later, the young deputy again was called to a crime scene. The body of another woman had been dumped at the end of a dark, wooded road in nearby Reily Township, 15 miles west of Hamilton. Tammy King, 23, of the Price Hill area of Cincinnati, had been strangled and left nude.

    Within weeks, investigators had George in custody on the Rose murder, his fingerprints matching those taken from a beer can found near her body. George, in his mid 30s, had arrived back only recently in Hamilton from Michigan after having strangled two women in Michigan. His Michigan prison sentence, originally 40-60 years, had been shortened to a dozen by higher courts and plea deals.
    From April 2011:


    A suspected serial killer is facing a lifetime prison sentence after being convicted Thursday afternoon of first-degree murder for a Pontiac woman's 1968 death… Relatives of 36-year-old victim Gwendolyn Perry said justice was finally served…

    Perry was strangled, her body found with her stockings tied around her neck on Dec. 8, 1968, off a lane in a heavily thicketed area near Giddings Road and Perry Street in Pontiac…

    Oakland County Assistant Prosecutor John Skrzynski told jurors that the deaths of Perry and two other woman who were linked to George -- Frances Brown and Cindy Garland Rose -- bore eerie similarities, such as the physical descriptions of the women, the types of areas in which their bodies were found and the injuries they suffered.
    Sentenced to life without parole:


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