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    kpdx is offline Jane Doe was discovered Aug. 14, 1977 outside of Everett WA
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    CA - San Diego Bay - Female 598UFCA, 20-40, in Orange Suitcase, Jun'73

    Here is another possible match for San Diego Jane located in 1973:

    with Antoinette Marino. I can't find any more than Antoinette's doe and charley profiles,

    but i think this is a good possible because of the demographics, type of death, and comparison of images.

    i wanted to put these two together to also link up that two women went missing from similar area around similar time. i think its always helpful to keep that in mind.

    let me know what you think on this one, i am not sure without antoinette's dental or dna whether a match can be made to jane.
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