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    CA - 3 year old girl found dead in home in Bakersfield

    Police in southern California are on the hunt for a missing family of five they believe are connected to the suspicious death of a child found Sunday in their home, an officer told CNN Monday.

    Police want to question Alberto Garcia, 26, and Carla Garcia, 26, about the child's death and check on the well-being of three children believed to be accompanying them, the release said. The children were identified as Carlos Joe Solvalvarro, 10, Crystal Garcia, 5, and Alberto Garcia Jr. 4. The adults are wanted for felony child endangerment.
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    Hi Nancy,

    Thanks for posting -- we already have a thread going

    [ame=""]CA CA - Bakersfield: 3 yr. old found dead; searching for couple & 3 children - July 2010 - Websleuths Crime Sleuthing Community[/ame]



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