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    OR - Meth found hidden in toys in speeding van on freeway


    "After police stopped a speeding van on Interstate 5 Monday morning, the newest member of the Medford Area Drug and Gang Enforcement team, a yellow Labrador named Kilo, found a pound of methamphetamine hidden among children's toys scattered in the van...."

    more at link

    Being that Ashland is right on the I-5 corridor, there are frequent drug busts on the freeway. We are the first town after you enter Oregon and come down off the Siskyiyou Pass. I often think that these busts are not random but that these vehicles have been closely watched and are stopped before they reach any exits. This is sad as there were kids in the car. It's good to know that our newest dog is earning her keep. I wish they would have given her a bit nicer name. She takes the place of our famous Tiko. He was something else. Tiko got the drugs and he got the bad guys. Kilo's got some pretty big paws to fill.

    Would someone please explain to me why people transporting drugs speed. Not a day goes by that we don't read this. Just stupid?

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    They probably speed because they are high on the drugs they are transporting. Which means they are "just stupid."

    Not just stupid enough to speed but stupid enough to endanger their children's lives by hiding a toxic substance, in their toys, in a vehicle the children are also in.
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    Talk about an excellent name for a drug sniffing dog. Kilo.

    Izzy, they're speeding because they're speeding. Kooked.

    Dang sad. Sad. Sad.

    RIP Tiko.

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    Good work Kilo!! A pound of meth will keep an entire trailer park awake for a month.

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