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    Thumbs down Man Caught Smuggling Monkeys In Girdle.


    Man caught smuggling 18 monkeys in girdle
    Smuggling suspect tells officials he worried X-rays would 'hurt them'

    MEXICO CITY A man with a mysterious bulge under his T-shirt was stopped, searched and detained at Mexico City's international airport after authorities found 18 tiny endangered monkeys in a girdle he was wearing.

    The Public Safety Department said in a statement Monday that 38-year-old Roberto Cabrera arrived on a commercial flight Friday from Lima, Peru, when authorities noticed the bulge and conducted a body search.

    This would be humorous if two of the monkeys hadn't died. If an endangered species dies while being smuggled there should be a HUGE penalty for that including a lot of jail time. JMO

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    How could I help reading this thread? You had me at monkeys in a girdle. Steely, I don't know how you do it, but dmn I'm glad you do! keep up the fine work!

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    Monkeys...ok...and to think here in Oklahoma we are worried about drugs...go figure.....I am sorry 2 of them died...
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