You're in Target minding your own bee's wax when a man suddenly pounces on you and puts his hands down your shirt.

That is exactly what happened in a Target store in Levittown, New York. The 26 year old victim screamed and Target employees went after the fleeing pervert. There's a mugshot of him I have to go find with a nice road burn bald head hopefully caused by one of the employee's

This poor woman finds out it's Tod Stolting aged 48 and he's got a heap of sex charges against him and has spent very little time in jail. His victim in a Wal-Mart was a young girl who did basically the same thing to.

The woman now intends to taking all her anger out on not letting this creeper get out of jail anytime soon.

Creeper did have both a Myspace and a Facebook, but someone removed them. Hoping it was his PO prior to all of this. He was also swell enough to give out his number and addy in case you wanted to vote on an online poll why he is hot. What?

2007 Forcible touching is the charge for assaulting a 12 year old girl in Wal-Mart. They love these mega stores I'll tell ya. Tons of isles. Stuff stacked sky high. Easier to go stalk someone and then assault them.