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    IL - Officer Michael Bailey, 62, fatally shot, Chicago, 18 July 2010 *Arrest*

    Reward raised to $100,000 in cop's death

    Authorities raised the reward to $100,000 this afternoon for information on the killing of Chicago Police Officer Michael Bailey, who was shot to death last Sunday as he returned home after guarding Mayor Richard Daley's house.

    The reward, which had been $70,000, got a boost from the FBI.

    About two dozen Chicago Police employees and volunteers spent the morning and afternoon canvassing a quarter-mile radius around Bailey's home in the 7400 block of South Evans Street. The handed out flyers and asked neighbors to call authorities with any leads.

    While several people of interest have been questioned, police said no one was in custody.

    Ald. Freddrenna Lyle (6th) said she believes someone with information will come forward.

    "These guys, they talk," she said as she began canvassing. "They talk to other people. Sometimes they brag. Reward money can be an incentive to loosen lips. We've seen it work in the past."

    full article at link:


    So incredibly sad. He was a month away from the mandatory retirement age of 63. According to the article he was in uniform and some teen tried to rob him of the car he bought for himself to celebrate his retirement.

    100,000 is a nice reward. I hope someone talks and they are able to prosecute and convict the person or persons responsible.

    Rest in Peace Officer Bailey. Justice will be served!
    Prayers to your family, friends and coworkers and for LE investigating this case - that the are able to solve it quickly.
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    Oh how heartbreaking. A month from retirement!

    Prayers for this fine Officer's family. I hope that money works, Cubby. RIP Officer Bailey.

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    so disgusting

    these people that would take a life over a car /// there is no rehabilitation for them IMO

    those who would kill a uniformed cop, an older man - they must be already so damaged that there is no return

    I hope they nail this kid and I hope he never gets out

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    Antwon Carter was charged with Officer Bailey's murder in July of 2011. He has a hearing next month and hopefully a trial date will be set then.

    Suspect in cop killing brags he's a 'stickup man' who preys on easy targets


    Antwon Carter sat picking at his meal at Area 2 police headquarters as two experienced homicide detectives faced him from across a table.

    A video of the interrogation obtained by the Chicago Tribune shows him bragging about his life as a "stickup man" who preyed on easy targets, sometimes committing multiple robberies on Chicago's South Side in a single day.

    But Carter's demeanor changed when he discovered why the detectives wanted to talk to him.

    "Y'all are homicide detectives?" Carter asked uncertainly.

    "Yes," one of the detectives replied.

    The detectives were investigating the killing of Officer Michael Bailey, 63, who was gunned down nearly a year earlier, in July 2010, outside his South Side home just hours after finishing an overnight shift on then-Mayor Richard Daley's security detail.
    Attorneys for Carter have asked Cook County Judge Stanley Sacks to throw out comments that Carter made after telling detectives he wanted to speak "off the record." Carter, 29, is being held on no bail in Cook County Jail while awaiting trial on murder charges.

    Two eyewitnesses also identified Carter as the thin man in blue jean shorts who fatally shot Bailey, according to a recent court filing by his attorneys, who allege the photo lineups were improperly suggestive.

    The judge is expected to hear arguments on Carter's statements and the lineups in January before setting a trial date.

    In the nearly seven years since the five officers violently lost their lives, only the killings of Bailey and David Blake, a SWAT officer allegedly killed while off-duty by a teen who wanted to steal his gun collection, have yet to go to trial.

    Carter's murder case has been postponed while prosecutors tried him first for a carjacking and armed robbery, securing convictions last year. He has yet to be sentenced in that case.

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