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    Alligator Feeding Frenzy South Georgia Swamp caught on tape

    Experts say alligators gather in mass like this only every 4 years or so...Over 300 alligators caught on tape in fish eating frenzy! Amazing!

    "Opinion is the medium between knowledge and ignorance."~ Plato
    ~The above reflects only my opinion...

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    Thanks, AW...I like how that fisherman states, I just eased on through and continued to fish...LMAO

    I'd be scared to death, I think I'd look for a way out of that canal. As small as that boat is, one alligator could've jumped right in...Oh MY....JMHO

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    That was awesome! With so many before and behind him, I love the way he just took it in stride and went on instead of panicing. It could have been a disaster.

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    Rochester, New York
    If alligators are attracted to the smell of feces in ones pants, I would be dead now if that was me.

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    where no man has boldy gone
    Seems like there should be some kind of red neck joke to go along with that footage.
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