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Thread: Six Bodies Found in Florida Home

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    Excerpts from WFTV article - April 10 (Monday 5 PM)

    DELAND, Fla. -- Jury selection was delayed Monday at the trial of one of the worst mass murders in Central Florida history.

    Over several hours, lawyers for murder suspect Jerone Hunter argued that he was not mentally competent to stand trial.

    Hunter and Michael Salas were allegedly recruited by Troy Victorino to attack Erin Belanger, Johnathon Gleason, Roberto Gonzalez, Michelle Nathan, Anthony Vega, and Francisco Ayo-Roman.

    All six were found dead inside a DeLand home in August 2004.

    Prosecutors said Victorino was angry over a missing Xbox video game system.

    On the stand Monday, Hunter said little more than "Yes, sir," and "No, sir," to questions about whether he understood the murder charges against him. His lawyers admitted he knew what was going on, but that in the last few weeks the 18-year-old was hearing voices.

    Psychologist Eric Mings testified the voice Hunter was hearing was that of his dead twin brother and that it had been going on since he was a young boy.

    "Based upon the nature of the charges against him, the psychotic symptoms, I believe that he needs treatment in a hospital situation," Mings said.

    But prosecutors brought their own experts who pointed out that Hunter fully understood the charges and the court proceedings and that there was no reason to delay the trial. Judge William Parsons agreed.

    Complete story at link provided above.

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    Victorino's Vicious Criminal Past ...

    Excerpts from an article regarding defendant, Troy Victorino, on WKMG TV ( website from August 9th of 2004 - 3 days after the Deltona massacre.

    "Deltona 'Ringleader' Nearly Beat Man To Death In '96"

    Deputies: Revenge Over Xbox Was Motive For Mass Murder

    UPDATED: August 9, 2004

    The accused ringleader of a group of men who allegedly beat six people to death with aluminum baseball bats in Deltona, Fla., also beat a man until he was unrecognizable in 1996, according to Local 6 News.

    Troy Victorino, 27, left a path of destruction long before the murders of six people Friday, Local 6 News reported.

    Victorino attacked Michael Stern, who was 20-year-old at the time of the attack, with a walking stick in 1996.

    Stern's face and all of his teeth were broken in the attack. Also, his ear was ripped off, according to the report.

    "When I saw him in bed, I couldn't ever recognize my own son," the victim's mother Carol Stern said.

    "They needed pictures of him to know what he looked like because his head was the size of a basketball."

    At the time, Stern pleaded with prosecutors to charge Victorino with attempted first-degree murder. However, Victorino went to jail on a lesser aggravated battery charge.

    He served six years for the attack.


    Stern said Monday that Victorino should get the death penalty for Friday's attack. Victorino and three other men were charged with first-degree murder Sunday.

    "He needs to be executed," Stern said. "I don't think the prisoners would be safe with this man. He's a monster. I think everyone can agree with that."

    Police said Friday's attack was the brutal culmination of an argument between Victorino, an ex-convict, and one of the victims, who is believed to be Erin Belanger, 22. She was singled out for a beating so vicious that even dental records were useless in trying to identify her.

    All four suspects were armed with aluminum bats when Victorino kicked in the locked front door, according to arrest records. The group, who wore black clothes and had scarves on their faces, grabbed knives inside and attacked victims in different rooms of the three-bedroom house, authorities said.

    The victims, some of whom were sleeping, did not put up a fight or try to escape, Sheriff Ben Johnson said. All had been stabbed, but autopsies determined the cause of death was the beating injuries.

    Victorino, the last to leave the house, took the Xbox, police said. "The victims really had no chance," Johnson said. "They had no chance to arm themselves it appears."


    Continued at link ...

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    Other articles online

    After the first blow to his skull, Michael Stern slumped to the pavement. Then Troy Victorino swung a walking stick again and again across Michael's head, ...

    Michael Stern -- who's now in state prison after robbing an Orange City convenience store last year ... beating, police said Victorino, then 19, beat Stern until the walking stick ...
    Ringleader of X-box slaughter was a psychopath

    Victorino attacked Michael Stern, who was 20-year-old at the time of the attack, with a walking stick in 1996.


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    Trial Delayed Until Summer - Change of Venue

    Okay - the short story is as follows ...

    This trial has been delayed. <groan>

    Due to the notoriety of the crimes committed and the amount of media attention focused in the Orlando (Orange Co), Seminole & Lake Co. and Deltona, Deland & Daytona area (Volusia Co) - Judge Parsons has agreed with the DA and defense teams that "a fair & impartial jury" would be difficult. (2 prospective jurors were even discussing the case at a gas station!)

    Anyway - the trial is being moved to St. Augustine in St. Johns county. (location: East Coast between Daytona Beach & Jacksonville) IMO - this location change will certainly be a logistical hardship for all the legal eagles concerned - not to mention the exhorbitant additional costs.

    The trial is not expected to begin again until June or July.

    The DA was mainly concerned about "Appellate Court issues" (overturning the verdicts!) if a change of venue was not granted - so he joined the 'defense team's motion' for the venue change.

    There should be an article online regarding the delay but, I'm 'on the run' and don't have time to locate it right now.

    Side note to Fl_sun .. excellent links you posted above about Victorino's past criminal history. Most informative and descriptive! I had no idea this criminal/ex-con was such a hideous monster. Thanks for those links.

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    Excerpts from Orlando Sentinel article - 4/14/06

    DeLAND -- Kay Shukwit intended to be there every day. She wanted to watch with her own eyes as the justice system decided the fate of the three men accused of beating and stabbing to death her 19-year-old daughter, Michelle Ann Nathan.

    Now, she said, that won't be possible.

    The trial of the three suspects in the Deltona massacre will move to St. Augustine because the case has received too much publicity and stirred too much emotion for the defendants to receive a fair trial in Volusia County, a judge in DeLand decided Thursday.

    "How can we possibly do this with having a family, kids that go to school, just living our lives?" Shukwit said by phone after learning of the decision. She let out a huge sigh and said her blood pressure was reaching the "boiling point."

    "I wish I could put someone in my place for an hour . . . and let them see the emotions I deal with," said Shukwit of Deltona. "It's just like reliving everything all over again."

    Circuit Judge William A. Parsons and attorneys spent four days questioning potential jurors before Parsons agreed that an impartial jury could not be found in Volusia. Parsons had denied repeated change-of-venue requests by the defense but relented after State Attorney John Tanner said he agreed that a move had become necessary.

    "I have a duty greater than prosecuting these men and convicting them, and that is to see to it that they receive a fair trial the best I can," Tanner said. "I do not believe in the current state at this time the defendants can receive a fair trial in Volusia County."


    The turning point came when the court learned Thursday of a chance meeting between two potential jurors at a 7-Eleven. A legal secretary said she was approached by a contractor who offered her a can of beer while she pumped gas. He told her the jury didn't need weak people who couldn't handle looking at the graphic crime-scene photographs.

    "He said, 'We are all the victims have left. We need to see to it those guys get what's coming to them,' " the woman told the judge.

    The man denied making any comments about the case. The judge said he would consider whether to charge the man with criminal contempt of court.
    Defense attorneys feared the man had tainted other potential jurors. Tanner said he thought the man's comments were indicative of a community attitude that would be hard to escape so close to the brutal killings.


    Troy Victorino, 29, Jerone Hunter, 19, and Michael Salas, 20, are charged with murder, mutilating a dead body and other felonies in the Aug. 6, 2004, beating deaths of two couples who shared a Deltona home and two of their friends who were staying over.

    The three men face the death penalty if convicted. Robert Anthony Cannon, 20, will receive life in prison for his role in the crime in exchange for his testimony.

    Investigators said the four men used aluminum baseball bats to kill Nathan; her boyfriend Anthony Vega, 34; Erin Belanger, 22; her boyfriend Francisco Ayo Roman, 30; Roberto Gonzalez, 28; and Jonathan Gleason, 17.

    Parsons said he knew finding a jury in Volusia would be difficult but remained optimistic when the process began and said the attorneys needed to try, out of respect for the victims' families.

    "When we move a trial that has a consequence to the victims' families," the judge said.

    Because of logistics, the trial cannot begin until June or July, and the attorneys will meet next week to pick a date.

    Families of the slaying victims, however, were aggravated with the news.

    "The whole time it has been about them," Patty Gleason said of the defendants charged with killing her son Jonathan. "I want to know when it will be about us."

    Gleason, who lives in Deltona, was not going to attend the trial because she couldn't take any more misery.

    Bill Belanger, whose daughter Erin was beaten beyond recognition, thinks the trial should stay in the area where the killings occurred.

    "I think the people of Volusia County should have had a say," he said. Belanger, who will drive from his New Hampshire home for the trial, said he wondered whether the move to St. Augustine would really guarantee a fair jury for the three men.

    "They're guaranteed all these rights," Belanger said. "Erin had a guarantee to live her life."

    The last time the court moved a case out of Volusia County was the 1998 trial of Deidre Hunt, who was convicted for the 1989 killings of two Daytona Beach teens as part of a bungled murder-for-hire scheme. After a withdrawn plea, the former cocktail waitress went on trial in St. Augustine when a judge decided there was too much publicity about the case and the woman's confession.

    But high-profile cases have stayed in the county -- such as the trials of serial killer Aileen Wuornos.


    But jury selection for the massacre trial was proving more difficult. Frank Bankowitz, who represents Hunter, said he had never seen so many potential jurors excused for cause -- which covers people who have already formed opinions, have conscientious beliefs about reaching a guilty verdict or the death penalty or hardships that are so serious they would distract them from the work in court.


    <more at link>

    Kristen Reed - Sentinel Staff Writer
    April 14, 2006

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    New Trial Date - July 5th

    "Deltona massacre trial set for July 5"

    Another St. Augustine trial is ahead of the Volusia case

    April 22, 2006

    Article excerpts - Orlando Sentinel

    DAYTONA BEACH -- The three remaining defendants in the Deltona massacre will go on trial on July 5 in St. Augustine, a judge announced Friday.

    Circuit Judge William A. Parsons said Friday that July would be the earliest possible month for the case, given the challenges of a six-week trial that may require interviewing nearly 1,000 potential jurors.

    Parsons ordered the trial moved earlier this month after prosecutors and defense attorneys agreed that it would be impossible to find an impartial jury in Volusia County.


    State Attorney John Tanner had asked for a trial in May, but Parsons said that would pose problems for the St. Johns County Courthouse.

    Besides the need for a large pool of potential jurors, the judge said, the trial could take six weeks and would overlap with another murder trial already scheduled for June.

    After hearing about the difficulties, Tanner didn't press for a May trial. "You're the chief judge and you have administrative responsibilities for the whole circuit," he said.


    Parsons estimated it would take eight days to pick the jury, adding that selection would begin the day after the Independence Day holiday. About 120 people would be called for each of those days, he said.

    Potential jurors would be less likely to be tainted by pretrial publicity since the St. Augustine region is in a different television and newspaper market than west Volusia, Parsons said. St. Augustine is part of the greater Jacksonville news market, while Deltona is part of the Orlando news market.

    "At the [St. Johns County] courthouse, they asked me, 'Where is Deltona?' " Parsons said. "It's a very different media market."

    It became evident that finding impartial jurors in Volusia County would be too difficult after two potential jurors had a chance encounter at a gas station. One of the potential jurors told the other, "We need to see to it those guys get what's coming to them," court officials said.

    On Friday, Parsons said the woman, who heard that comment and came forward, has since gotten some flak for what she did.

    "She did the right thing and I feel bad for her," he said.

    More at above link .....

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    That's what I'm thinking.

    Quote Originally Posted by Hammerized,1...319774,00.html

    I wonder if the "homeless" youths were allowed to stay at the grandmother's house for a bit, but then the offer was rescinded after they stole or broke things.
    Then they began the tire slashing and other vandalism... perhaps escalating to the slayings?

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    Any pics of the victims anywhere?

    Looking for victim photos, not the massacre chots, but any photos at all?

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    Troy Victorino has a myspace account

    Troy Victorino has a myspace account:

    Trial is scheduled for August.

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    Trial to start 7/5/06

    Trial scheduled to begin 7/5/06 of 3 remaining Defendants in the Deltona, Florida massacre.

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    Cool Jury Selection Began This Morning ...

    Bumping this case up for forum exposure ...

    Well .. it's been 3 and a half months since the change of venue was granted in his horrific and senseless murder massacre of 6 innocent people and a pet dog, "George" - by vicious scumbuckets.

    Jury selection began this morning in St. Augustine - from a jury pool of 1000. The attorneys estimate that they will have a jury seated by the middle of next week.

    Websleuthers - if you are new to this case .. there is much good information provided on this thread including links to articles.

    I'll try to post upcoming news articles and local TV news accounts whenever I can.

    Fl_sun is also a local here in the Orlando-Central Fla area and I'm sure will continue to contribute to this thread. Thanks for all your timely input, Fl_sun.

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    About this case

    Trial Set For 3 Charged With Killing 6 Over Xbox

    Kay Shukwit still shudders when she thinks about the final moments of her 19-year-old daughter's life, clubbed with baseball bats and stabbed.

    Saturday, July 1, 2006

    Three men charged with first-degree murder in the deaths of Michelle Ann Nathan and five other young people in Deltona two years ago are scheduled to go on trial Wednesday in St. Augustine on a change of venue. Another man has pleaded guilty and agreed to testify for the prosecution.

    "I have nightmares of her screaming, 'Mommy!' I'm trying to reach her in the darkness and I can't reach her," Shukwit said.

    "I think about the terror and horror, what they went through knowing they were going to die," she said.

    The victims, some of whom were sleeping when the attack occurred about 1 a.m., did not put up a fight or try to escape. All were stabbed, but autopsies showed they died of the beatings.

    Even two small dogs were massacred.

    What made the killings even more shocking, investigators say, is the alleged motive - the lead suspect was angry because one of the victims had taken his Xbox video game and some clothing from her grandparents' vacant home where he had been squatting.

    The case was moved from DeLand to St. Augustine after it was determined media coverage of the case was too intense in central Florida, making it almost impossible to pick a fair jury.

    A pool of 960 potential jurors, about 120 each day, has been summoned from St. Johns County. Prosecutors estimate the trial could last four to six weeks, including a week of jury selection, two weeks for prosecutors to present their case, one week for the defense case and then a penalty phase if the defendants are convicted.

    Troy Victorino, 29, a former prison inmate who is believed to be the ringleader in the violent attacks; Michael Salas, 20, and Jerone Hunter, 20, all face six counts of first-degree murder, five-counts of mutilating a dead human body and other felonies.

    If the three men are convicted, prosecutors are seeking the death penalty.

    "The evidence, the facts and the law support it," State Attorney John Tanner said in a news conference after the men were indicted.

    Bill Belanger, father of 22-year-old victim Erin Belanger, plans to sit on the front row during the trial, hoping to see justice done for the killing of his daughter.

    "It will be the end of a chapter. My life has been on hold since the day Erin was murdered. I have a life sentence."

    It was his daughter who called police to have a group of squatters, including Victorino, evicted from her grandparents' vacant house. She picked up Victorino's Xbox and some of his clothing and kept it at her house.

    That enraged Victorino and he enlisted the other three suspects to help him carry out the attacks, prosecutors say. A Wal-Mart clerk has told investigators the four men joked about bashing people to death while shopping for baseball bats two days before the slayings.

    While Belanger plans to attend trial every day, Shukwit doesn't know if she can deal with the strain.

    "It does set you back mentally and physically, too," she said.

    Both Belanger and Shukwit want the three defendants executed.

    "I want Troy Victorino to sit on death row for 30 years, sit in a 6 by 9 cell, where he can no longer hurt or manipulate anybody ever again," Belanger said. "But it wouldn't break my heart if they did it in a week."

    "I've always been in favor of the death penalty," Belanger said. "I'd flip the switch with no reservations."

    Victorino's lawyer, Jeff Dowdy thinks it is unfair that his client has been labeled the mastermind behind the attacks.

    "Everybody is going to be jumping on Troy, pointing a finger at him," said Dowdy, who said the judge had denied a motion for separate trials for the defendants, although some have already given statements about the killings. "That's unfair and we have complained about that."

    At the time of the slayings, Victorino was on a seven-year probation after serving six years in prison for beating a 20-year-old friend in the face with a walking stick. He was arrested eight days before the killings on a felony battery charge for beating up a friend and was quickly released on a $2,500 bond.

    Dowdy also is worried on the impact of bloody pictures of the victims and the murder scene on jurors.

    "It's going to be a bad day when they introduce those," Dowdy said.

    A fourth man, Robert Cannon, 19, pleaded guilty in October to all the charges. In exchange for his testimony, he will receive a life sentence instead of the death penalty.

    Killed in the Aug. 6, 2004, attack were Belanger and Nathan; Francisco Ayo-Roman, 30; Anthony Vega, 34; Roberto Gonzalez, 28, and Jonathan Gleason, 17. Most were co-workers at a Burger King in Deltona.

    "I just hope justice prevails. My daughter was such a beautiful person, it is a shame that she is gone," Shukwit said.

    For the latest Orlando, Central Florida news, tune to 540 WFLA

    2006 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

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    Cool An eye-opening article from January 2006 ...

    Originally appeared on News-Journal Online

    "Suspects' letters detail Deltona slayings"

    Robert Cannon, who pleaded guilty to his role in the Deltona mass murder, wrote in a letter from jail that the brutality of the killings will forever haunt him.

    "I looked back and Troy (Victorino) smashed his head in. 1 hit right after he told me to leave," Cannon wrote to another inmate, Thomas Aichinger.

    "Dawg, I wish I ain't look back. That (expletive) will be in my head for life."

    The letter is part of a 53-page packet of documents released Thursday by the State Attorney's Office, which show Cannon and suspect Michael Salas putting the brunt of the blame on co-defendants Jerone Hunter and Victorino, the accused leader of the four in the killings.

    For the first time since the murders 17 months ago, the letters present a graphic description of the merciless slaughter in the Telford Lane home shortly after 1 a.m.

    Victorino, 29, Hunter, 19, Salas, 20 and Cannon, 19, are accused of storming a home at 3106 Telford Lane in Deltona in the early morning of Aug. 6, 2004.

    Investigators said they bludgeoned four men, two women and a dog to death with aluminum bats. The men then stabbed and slit the throats of the victims, investigators said.

    Erin Belanger, 22, Michelle Ann Nathan, 19, Anthony Vega, 34, Jonathan Gleason, 17, Roberto "Tito" Gonzalez, 28 and Francisco "Flaco" Ayo-Roman, 30, died in the attacks with bats and knives.

    Salas, Hunter and Victorino will be tried together April 10 July 5th. They face the death penalty.

    Cannon will be sentenced to life in prison in exchange for his testimony. Attorneys for the men could not be reached Thursday.

    Aichinger told investigators of the letters in February 2005.

    In his interview, Aichinger, referred to as "K-9" in the letter, said Salas and Cannon had asked him to break them out of jail. He told them he would only do that if Salas and Cannon told him what happened inside the Deltona house.

    A letter from Aichinger shows that he outlined to Cannon what information he wanted.

    "Write about the phone calls, say what (expletive) you know Hunter and Troy did, write that Troy sexually abused the girls body with the bat after you and Mike went to the car, say that it was Troy's idea to move the bodies to the middle of the house and that Hunter said it was a good idea," Aichinger wrote.

    Cannon said he hit a man who ran at him with a stick but not hard enough to hurt him. That man, who investigators later determined was Gonzalez, ran to a back room. Cannon said he watched Hunter hit a man found in a recliner, possibly Gleason, 20 times in the head with the bat.

    "Jerone knocked this dude out in the chair then runs with Mike to chase the guy I hit," Cannon wrote.

    Cannon said that during the massacre Victorino and Hunter talked about killing him because he did not want to help them. He said he then ran to the back room and saw Salas and Hunter hitting a man and tried to get Salas to leave with him. He said Hunter found a woman, who investigators identified as Nathan, hiding in a closet and stabbed her to death.

    Cannon also wrote that Hunter, following Victorino's instructions, slit the victims' throats with a butterfly knife and blood squirted all over the house.

    "I'm not going down for this (expletive). It ain't my game," Cannon wrote. "I want them to get Troy. He fricked my life up anyway."

    Salas called himself the "Nygth Wolf" in his letter to Aichinger.

    Salas wrote that Cannon was in the house five minutes and that he stayed about seven to 10 minutes and then ran out to the car. Salas said Victorino and Hunter stayed in the house for about 45 minutes.

    "Me and Cannon was freaking out . . . but I didn't kill no one and neither did Cannon," Salas wrote. "I bet Hunter didn't tell you he took great pleasure in what he did . . . he is cold-hearted like Troy."

    Also released Thursday was a letter Victorino's mother wrote to him a month before the killings. Victorino is asked to leave his mother's home and is described as someone who uses people.

    "I love you but I am through hurting for you. You make the bad choices -- you suffer the consequences and punishment on your own," his mother wrote. "The friend that you had that was also your mother is gone. She died last night."

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    Finding Jury a Yeomans Task in St Augustine

    Finding Jury a Yeomans Task in St Augustine
    Mike Synan 07/07/2006 16:32:16

    More potential jurors are begging off serving in the Deltona mass murder trial.

    As Judge Bill Parsons and the attorneys try to find out everything they can about prospective jurors, the group doesn't seem to like the idea of serving for a long trial, claiming hardships like childcare, financial stability, and work responsibilities.

    When one potential juror was asked if he was married he replied "I am now, but we'll see what happens after I call home and say this trial will last six weeks."

    Image Credit: Daytona Beach News-Journal

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    Ringleader, "Victorino", Unhappy with Seated Jury

    Wednesday - July 12th - Local 6 Noon News

    Finally - A jury has been seated!

    Victorino shook his head in disgust as the judge read the names of the 12 jurors to be seated (out of a panel of the 48 who ultimately qualifed).

    Opening statements will begin shortly (12:30 PM).

    State atty John Tanner is expected to be very graphic in his descriptions of the crime sparing the jury "no details" in the deaths of 6 people & a pet dog.

    Autopsy reports revealed that the 7 victims were beaten to death with baseball bats - they were stabbed multiple times and then their bodies were multiliated.

    The families of 2 of the victims were in the St. Augustine courtroom this morning. For them .. this trial has been a long time in coming.

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    Opening Statements Begin in Xbox Murder Trial | 38 min ago
    ... to pick a fair jury. Seven women and five men were selected for the panel and opening arguments will begin later today. Troy Victorino, the alleged ringleader of the attacks, Michael Salas and Jerone Hunter all face six counts of first-degree ...

    Jury selected for trial in 6 slayings over video game News Chief | 57 min ago
    ... a fair jury. Seven women and five men were selected for the panel and opening arguments were to begin later in the day. Troy Victorino, 29, a former prison inmate who is the alleged ringleader of the attacks; Michael Salas, 20, and Jerone Hunter, ...

    Jury seated in massacre case; opening statements begin shortly The Orlando Sentinel | 1 hr ago
    ... and a state-park toll collector. Four alternate jurors also were chosen. Opening statements are to begin after lunch. Troy Victorino, 29, Jerone Hunter, 20, and Michael Salas, 20, are charged with six counts of murder and eight other felonies for ...

    Tanner takes stage for high-profile trial The Orlando Sentinel on | 4 hrs ago
    ... Smith and a homicide supervisor, Assistant State Attorney Leah Case. They'll all have significant roles in prosecuting Troy Victorino, 29, Jerone Hunter, 20, and Michael Salas, 20, in the killings of six friends in a Telford Lane home nearly two ...

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    Cannon will NOT testify for the State - recants testimony in Court!

    In a most surprising twist - Robert Cannon, one of the 4 initial defendants, who made a plea deal with the State Of Florida to turn state's evidence & testify against the other 3 .. announced that he had changed his mind in Court today.

    He is recanting his statements and pleading innocent to the murder charges. At 1st, he said that God made him do it - but, later admitted that it was actually a decision by his attys who had originally made the plea deal with the state.

    Conner had opted for a guilty plea and a sentence of Life in prison. Now he wants a separate trial on his own away - from the other 3.

    The trial had been "a slam dunk" - if ever there was one. What a mess this has become for John Tanner & the prosecution team.

    Now - the state has to decide what to do with Cannon .. force him to keep his plea deal for life in prison or put him on trial with the DP as a very real possibility.

    More later ....

    13th Juror

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    I think Victorino put them up to it. He probably told the guys to beat them really bad so it "hurts" essentially knocking out and disabling everyone in the house so he could go around and kill everyone. The young men are very afraid of Troy Victorino (Troy Victorino is huge and extreemely tall and formidable). Cannon probably received threats in jail or even a letter or telephone conversation with fellow inmates about what would happen if he testified against the other defendants.

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    Orlando Sentinel Recap .. Written PRIOR to today's events with Cannon!

    Thursday - July 13, 2006


    Attorneys selected 12 jurors and four alternates Wednesday morning after five days of questioning.

    The seven-woman, five-man panel includes an elementary-school teacher, an Internet-company owner, an Internal Revenue Service employee and a state-park toll collector.

    There is one black woman on the jury. All of the defendants are minorities. Three women and one man make up the alternate panel.


    The state will continue its case today. Its witnesses during the next several days are expected to include Robert Anthony Cannon, who admitted to his role in the killings in exchange for life in prison, the medical examiner and crime-scene technicians.

    Stacy Colton, a Florida Department of Law Enforcement crime-scene analyst, will resume her testimony this morning, and jurors are expected to watch the crime-scene video.


    Christopher Carroll told jurors Wednesday afternoon about showing up at the Telford Lane home early Aug. 6, 2004, to pick up two men for a painting job. He found the front door kicked in, and when he walked inside, he noticed blood before leaving to call 911.

    Investigator Anthony Crane told jurors how he found Erin Belanger, Francisco Ayo Roman, Michelle Ann Nathan, Anthony Vega, Roberto Gonzalez and Jonathan Gleason dead.

    George, a dachshund, also died in the attack.


    Troy Victorino, 29, Jerone Hunter, 20, and Michael Salas, 20, are each charged with 14 felonies and face the death penalty if convicted.

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    Cannon consequences ...

    Quote Originally Posted by fl_sun

    I think Victorino put them up to it. He probably told the guys to beat them really bad so it "hurts" essentially knocking out and disabling everyone in the house so he could go around and kill everyone. The young men are very afraid of Troy Victorino (Troy Victorino is huge and extreemely tall and formidable).

    Cannon probably received threats in jail or even a letter or telephone conversation with fellow inmates about what would happen if he testified against the other defendants.

    You may be correct, Fl_sun .. however, if Cannon & the other 3 all go to prison as expected - the damage has already been done by Cannon's initial testimony & complete details of the crimes to police investigators & the prosecution team. Changing his mind now won't matter to anyone who's out to punish Cannon for talking. He's in deep doogie either way. IMO - he's toast.

    Cannon has been in 'protective custody' ever since he made his plea deal with the State. He would have continued to receive protection had he not reneged on his plea deal.

    If the 3 defendants are found guilty and receive the DP - they would reside on Death Row. None of them would be 'in population' where Cannon was housed. Probably not even in the same Fla prison.

    I personally think that this last minute move for Cannon to pull - totally surprising & catching the prosecutors off-guard by stating in Court that he was "innocent" and not going to testify for the State - was orchestrated by his criminal defense attys. This way - Cannon may receive a separate trial and would have a much better chance of getting to a jury with "reasonable doubt" that he did not personally take part in the murders & horror in that Deltona home.

    I think the decision may very well have been a roll of the dice for the 'state funded' defense attys. The plea deal required that Cannon serve "a life sentence". Life! Long Time! Rolling the dice in Court gives Cannon a chance to possibly beat the system. Who knows ...?

    I'm so tired tonight - I honestly don't know what I think. I wish the whole lot of these slimy disgusting scumbuckets would simply fall off the face of the earth. I think, perhaps I need a little break from all this crime stuff ...

    13th Juror

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    I think that is a dirty underhanded move by Cannon's defense attorney if that's the case. Do attorneys act like that. That's like pulling the rug out from under someone. The judge will make a decision to add him to the list of defendants being tried and I predict that Cannon will end up sticking with his plea.

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    Crime Scene Tape Shows Brutality Of Deltona Killings

    WARNING: This Story Contains Graphic Descriptions Of The Crime Scene
    Rest in Peace to my best buddy and baby, Buster ~ He crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Jan. 3, 2011. I miss you, Buster and love you with all my being.

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    Is there any news??? How is the trial progressing???

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    Courtesy of 580WDBO: DNA Plays Integral Role in Deltona Murder Trial

    DNA Plays Integral Role in Deltona Murder Trial
    Mike Synan 07/18/2006 12:53:47

    Prosecutors are bringing out their most damaging evidence yet in the X-Box murder trials: DNA.

    Attorney: "Did you compare the DNA profile of the wearer of those Lugz boots, to the standard you obtained in this case?"
    FDLE Rep: "I did."
    Attorney: "And was there a match to the dominant profile?"
    FDLE Rep: "Yes there was."
    Attorney: "Who did it match?"
    FDLE Rep: "Troy Victorino."

    Not only does DNA prove Victorino wore the boots, but victim's blood was a match on the bottom of those Lugz boots.

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