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    Fbi tapes

    I hope this is not a redundant thread, but the tapes are fascinating and I thought it would be interesting for those who are interested to post anything they learned from the tapes. I am listening to George tell Savage (I think it is Savage) when Savage says if it will help Caylee, I will do it and I don't care if it hurts you or Cindy. And George says well that's good - that is why I fell in love with Cindy she doesn't sugarcoat anything.

    I mean this guy is painful to listen to. So Savage says well the blunt Cindy you know is blunt Cindy with "rose colored glasses on" because what she has to face down that road is not fun.

    Then they get into why Casey changed after 20 and George out and out lies and says well Casey even hid her pregnancy from us for a couple of months. A couple of months - she was 7 months pregnant when she let them know. Rick, Cindy's brother, said he could not believe it and Cindy is a registered nurse.

    Not to mention in all of these interviews with the FBI, do you notice how they digress to absolute bullchit e.g. Casey not graduating, the car and how nice it ran and changing the oil, etc. Cindy and George said they came to the FBI because they wanted help finding Caylee - tell me do any of you think yo would be talking about those things if you truly believed your granddaughter was alive. You would be insane and saying lets get down to it. What questions can I answer.

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    There are a bunch of threads started for each interview by all the players in this case.

    If you go here: [ame=https://www.websleuths.com/forums/showthread.php?t=72088] Interview Reference Guide To Finding All Interviews, Motions, Grand Jury and Trials[/ame]

    you will see some of the interviews have a corresponding thread. Where there is no thread link, an easy search by the date will bring up the thread(s).

    Hope this helps.

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