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    NY - Mom And Boyfriend Write On Blind Child's Head

    Unbelievable. An upstate New York mother and her swell boyfriend wrote on the forehead of her 10 year old son.

    They sent this child to summer school with derogatory remarks written on the poor kids head.

    Child endangerment charges filed.


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    I remember a few years ago a teacher was raked over the coals for writing "Don't forget my glasses" (or something like that) on a kid's face in permanent ink, and I thought that was pretty bad. This is worse. A) It's her parents, and B) what they wrote was derogatory. They did it as a "joke," they said. What kind of parents make a joke out of their own child?

    Where's bio dad? Maybe he has more sense than the mom, and the kid would be better off with him.

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    How awful. That's has got to take a whole lot of trust away from the kid. A kid is supposed to feel safe and secure at home. Not worry that mom and stepdad are trying to pull some sort of stunt to make me look silly.
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    I just don't know what to say.

    That is so incredibly sad.
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    Filly, that got to me. That's one of the saddest stories I've ever heard. Children with disabilities are so fragile and try valiantly to fit in--especially at age 10. This was not a joke, in any way shape or form. This is cruel beyond belief. Often times people don't believe me when I say that physical abuse can be overcome, but shame, humiliation, and degradation (at the hands of your parents!!) is never forgotten. In many states (not all), emotional abuse is sufficient to terminate parental rights.

    I know a home in Oregon that is set up to love and cherish children with vision and hearing deficits.

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    How horrid??? As a mother, I try so hard to give my child what she needs to feel comfortable. I worry when she's in school that she may be scared or embarrassed by something. I can not imagine ever doing something to my child like this.

    I'll never understand some people's minds.
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    This story made me cry. That poor baby.

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    So sorry that I made anyone cry. It tore me apart when I read this. I was thinking "Life's not bad enough with all the crapolla kids have to put up with. Plus you're blind. Ya got a real winner for a momma and she got an obvious winner for a boyfriend and they write on your head?"


    Last I checked I couldn't find anymore on this. Makes me wonder how this poor boy is. Like Miss Izzy said this poor kid is already trying to be accepted I'm sure then the people designated to care for you do this? Now you get moved to where?

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