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    OH - Tonya Hunter, 42, murdered in her Cleveland home, 25 July 2010

    Court documents show a judge tried to caution Tonya Hunter, in April, about the danger she would face if she stayed with her abusive husband, who is now accused of stabbing her to death.


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    A response to the perspective that the judge was "blaming" the victim.


    The questions posed are only among a hundred more that could be considered. And certainly not all apply to Ms. Tonya Hunter-Lyons. An educated, employed woman, one would think she had the resources and the knowledge to leave an abusive situation. As a marriage counselor, it may even have been the case that Ms. Hunter-Lyons feared professional embarassment. After all, a marriage counselor who is herself in an abusive relationship leads one to believe that if she has not addressed her own issues, how can she help anyone else? An on-looker may retort "of all people, she should have known better". This rhetoric, however, does not obscure the fact that "knowing something" and being able to "do something" are not the same. One may have knowledge but be unable to act upon what they know. Examples are many and varied of situations in which a person may "know" one thing but "act" contrary to that knowledge.

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    From May 2011:


    A three-judge panel in Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court handed Maurice Lyons a life sentence Tuesday without a chance of parole for stabbing his wife 17 times in the chest, neck, abdomen and back -- the fatal conclusion to a violent seven-month-long marriage.

    Lyons, 39, avoided the death penalty by pleading guilty Monday to aggravated murder, kidnapping, aggravated robbery, rape, endangering children, intimidation of a victim or witness and two counts of domestic violence.

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