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    AL - Registered Sex Offender Rapes 80 Year old Woman

    Talk about a reoffending sex offender.

    James Pollard is an RSO. He took it upon himself to rape an 80 year old woman. Lousey, vile, POS!!!!!!!!!!! The woman was working behind the counter in a store. monster grabbed her and pulled her into his truck and brutally raped her.

    This makes me beyond sick. I never say "put him down" or "shoot his a*s and save the taxpayers money" however this guy should be tortured then put down. Who does that? Who?

    Prayers for this poor woman. Imagine you live 80 long years. You still work. Probably have grands and great grands you enjoy and ya get savagely raped by someone who should have stayed locked up in the first place? Da*n shame.


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    Thats terrible!!! They really need to do 1 strike your out....... 1 bullet! No jail time.
    Its so messed up. It infuriates me that law abiding, hard working citizens have NO choice but to end up being victims. This could of been prevented

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    Adult sex offenders will reoffend. It is proven over and over again. For the sake of our children, our seniors and any in the population who cannot fully defend themselves, these sick (but sane) criminals have got to be locked up for life on the first offence. No parole, no community halfway safe houses -- behind secure prison walls. Check the news anyday and you'll find proof.
    Only my own opinion!!

    Me and my team

    Lindsey Baum 13 yrs old missing in WA 6/26/2009.

    Patrick Alford 7 yrs. old missing in NY 1/22/2010.

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