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    WA - woman held in vacuum cleaner assault

    I fully realize that this story has all the markers of late night TV sexist jokes. However, please note that this man is in critical condition and we do not have the facts yet. This is no laughing matter. The Oregonian felt, though, that they could be a bit flippant about it in their morning news blog. I let them know I was not amused. If you agree, I suggest an email.


    Woman held in vacuum cleaner assault

    "Clark County [WA] sheriff’s officials say a 41-year-old man suffered massive head injuries when his girlfriend allegedly struck him multiple times with a vacuum cleaner.

    Michelle D. Hawn, 37, is accused of first-degree assault...."


    "...[the victim] is in critical condition and has not regained consciousness."

    More at link

    The blog post:


    "Greetings on a gloomy summer morning in Portland, reader o' Pacific Northwest News. We bring you two stories to share this morning, one uplifting, the other, a downer. Let's get the latter out of the way, shall we?"

    More at link

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    If that were reversed, Izzy people would be calling for that guy to be hung at high noon.

    Nothing funny about a person with massive injuries. You'd have to be pretty enraged to be able to weild a vacumn cleaner.

    On an aside even those new ones are heavy. Trust me I was about to throw two of them out my back window. Fortunately I have decent impulse control and thought "Man, God forbid I threw these out and someone got hit".

    Michelle Hawn's tail should be in trouble.

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    Nothing funny about severe head injuries!

    I hope he totally recovers

    Nosy by Nature and a Websleuther by choice

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    I have to say that I was more than taken aback that the blog post from the Oregonian got past editors. Talk about minimizing a serious crime. "Let's get the downer out of the way..."

    Here's another link to the story:


    Woman jailed after vacuum cleaner attack
    Her boyfriend is in critical condition at hospital

    "After an argument Tuesday evening, Michelle Dawn Hawn hit her boyfriend several times in the head with her vacuum, leaving him fighting for his life, according to Clark County Sheriff’s deputies.

    The blows, inflicted with an upright plastic Dirt Devil, fractured 41-year-old Todd D. Proetel’s skull and the bones around his eyes, according to reports. As of Wednesday afternoon, Proetel was in critical condition..."

    more at link

    We still don't know the details but it doesn't sound like an act of self defense. This woman sounds seriously dangerous. If the genders were reversed........

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    oh boy this story has my mother written all over it! Sounds like something she'd do. She has a free get out of jail mental card & a free ride. I wonder if this woman will too

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    Let us hope this poor guy recovers. He seems to be in bad shape. It must have been a nasty fight but no reason to move to such a violent act by the woman. I hope she gets what she deserves. The poor man is fighting for his life and that is no laughing matter. What horrid abuse.


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    I hate it when news writers treat a victim with disrespect. I think it was disgraceful to toss off a comment about getting his story "out of the way." At least she put his story first. It annoys me when I hear on the news something like, "Traffic is slow on the I-5, and in other news, a woman was stabbed to death last night." I also burns me when news people use a victim's story to get some play on words out there.

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    New info has been added to the link above:

    "....Hawn — who documents list as 5 feet, 6 inches and 210 pounds — is being held at the Clark County Jail on $100,000 bail.

    According to police reports, Hawn admitted to striking Proetel, whom she said lives with her. Reports also say that she said she was intoxicated at the time and that she has a history of bipolar disorder, alcoholism and domestic violence.

    The responding deputy’s report said that Hawn ran to a neighbor’s house after the attack, crying and saying, “Todd beat me up.” She also told the neighbor that Proetel had passed out on the floor.

    However, Clark County Sgt. Duncan Hoss wrote that after her arrest, “there were no outwardly visible signs of recent abuse” on Hawn’s face and body."

    more at link

    Prayers for this guy's full recovery.

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    I, frankly, would like to know how this woman is disabled enough to receive disability and is able to pick up and wield a vacuum as a weapon. Bipolar disorder does not prevent one from having a job. Very suspect.

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