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    PA Man Uses Child To Thieve In Nail Salon

    "It's a family affair". I've had that song playing in my head since I saw this on our local news.

    Man enters nail salon. Man says he's waiting for his wife who is coming in to get her nails done. Woman and two kids enter. Man gives hand single to girl about 12 years old that the coast is clear while woman distracts the hard working nail techs.

    They have video and they said the kid actually crawls on the floor to a desk and takes a purse containing $1,000, a cell, and credit cards. The little girl put the purse inside another bag. She had to do the dirty work.

    Philadelphia police are asking the public to help identify the lovely family.


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    Well that's about as low as you can go. A twelve-year-old child learning to be a criminal. From juvenile hall to...where next?...

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