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    RI - Terrell Muhammad and a lesson about Bail

    Ah, Terrell. Twice convicted murderer-one of his victims was a police officer whose gun he grabbed and fired into the officer's chest in 1993, the other was a store clerk he murdered in 1986. He was given 6-10 for the store clerk and 26-30 for the cop...he had just wrapped up serving 15 years for the police officer when he got the itch for more mayhem.

    Terrell had just pled no contest to stealing a large screen TV and had been given three years probation, when he decided to use his vehicle as a weapon to mow down more police officers at a traffic stop. A high speed chase ensued.

    Terrell is a hostile guy. Naturally, the DA requested Terrell be held without bail for the incident-it seems quite clear that Terrell is not going to play by the rules. So the judge gave him 25K for each charge that he is facing.

    That is 5K surety. For a convicted murderer who stole and then proceeded to attempt to mow down a group of police officers at a traffic stop 5 months after he had finished his sentence for MURDERING a police officer.

    Surely if there is a case for three strikes you are out, this is the one.

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    This makes my blood pressure go up. Just how many people are you allowed to murder or try to murder in Rhode Island and still be able to walk the streets? Apparently quite a few.

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    Why is Terrell still alive?



    Officer Rose left behind a wife, three children and a grandaughter.

    17 years after the cold blooded murder of their husband, daddy and grandpop these poor people have to hear this s*it? Where is the freakin justice in that? I really need to know.

    Officer Rose I am so sorry the "Justice" system failed your family. Thank you for your service and somehow I pray you can rest in peace.
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