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    El Segundo, California

    CA - Los Angeles, BlkFem 729UFCA, >25, in alley behind residence, Sep'68

    The Doe Network:
    Case File 729UFCA

    Reconstruction of Victim by Carl Koppelman


    Unidentified Black Female

    * The victim was discovered on September 30, 1968 in Los Angeles County, California

    Vital Statistics

    * Estimated age: Over 25 years old
    * Approximate Height and Weight: 5'3"; 110 lbs.
    * Distinguishing Characteristics: Black hair; brown eyes.
    * Clothing: Unknown color pullover shirt, unknown color pants, black shoes, black socks.
    * Dentals: Did not have her wisdom teeth, but also had no dental fillings.

    Case History
    The victim was located on September 30, 1968, at approx. 7:05 am, behind a residence located at 2356 West 31st Street in L.A.
    Possible drug overdose, may have died at another location & left been left at the site.
    Had been seen at Jefferson & Arlington in L.A., but her ID was not known.
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    El Segundo, California
    This morning, I drove over to the Trinity Baptist Church near the corner of Jefferson and Arlington in South Central LA., and asked to speak with the Minister of the Church. He wasn't there, but several other church officials were in the office upstairs.

    I brought with me a large 8.5 x 11 color print-out of this woman (above), and another facial reconstruction of a UID young boy (below) who also died in 1968.


    The postmortem photos were printed on the reverse side of the pages. I also brought DoeNetwork printouts of both cases, and a google earth map of the locations where their bodies were found.

    I asked the church elders if it was possible to show these images to any persons in their parish who have lived in the area since 1968 to see if they might recognize either of these two people. They said that there were plenty of their church members who have lived in the area since the 60's

    One of the men indicated that he was not sure how he would go about it, but he said that he might be able to publish the photos in the church bulletin. They reacted very positively to my visit, and one of the men commented "This is very honorable and important work that you do.".

    Hopefully, someone will recognize one or both of these people and if there are any family members still living, they can finally know what happened to their loved ones. It is probable that the parents of these two persons are not still alive, but there may be siblings still around.
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    Lillian Culbert Williams was entered into Namus in September 2014. I'm not sure she's a great match, but nothing really rules her out either. Height and weight match up. She was last seen in Louisiana, but people move around. She does seem to have similar lips and eyebrows to Jane Doe, although it's hard to tell given the age of her photos and that neither is front facing. I think Lillian's skin tone is too light and her nose is wider, but maybe that's just me?


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    Today marks 47 years since her body was found, but I still have hope that she may be identified.
    Who was Walker County Jane Doe?

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