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    Actress Patricia Neal, 84, has died

    Patricia Neal is one of my favorite actresses of her generation. I first noticed her when I was a little girl when she a guest appearance in Little House on the Prairie. I enjoyed her performance in every one of her movies that I saw after that. The combination of beauty and that deep raspy voice was striking.

    RIP Ms. Neal

    Oscar-winning actress Patricia Neal dies at 84

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    RIP Patricia. You were a class act!
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    Loved Patricia Neal. Loved her voice. Loved her in Hud. Loved her as the original Olivia Walton in The Homecoming. So many more, R.I.P

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    Grew up watching her and loving her movies. A class act for sure!

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    Wow, I was just reading about her marriage to Roald Dahl earlier, and the terrible tragedies they had to face when one of their children was hit by a car and another died of measles. She was a great actress, and she will be missed.

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    One of the greatest actresses.
    I enjoyed all her films.
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    A great classic actress. My late mother loved her. RIP Patricia Neal and my dear Mother.
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    What a tragedy. Wasn't she also married to author Roald Dahl?
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    While having chemo when I was a child I used to love to watch old movies. Patricia Neal became one of my favorite actresses at the ripe ole age of eleven.

    I was thinking about it and are there any current actresses that have that kind of talent? I can think of a couple but not many.

    RIP Patricia Neal and thank you for entertaining us with your spectacular talent.

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    My favorite Patricia Neal performance was a two-part "Little House On the Prairie" episode called Remember Me (1975).

    I think TCM will have a tribute to Ms. Neal within the next couple of weeks and show several of her films.

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