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    Convicted WA rapist, John Carter, strikes again and is traveling south


    Cops Want To Find Convicted Rapist Before He Attacks Again

    "COVINGTON - King County Sheriff's Deputies say he's armed, dangerous, and needs to be locked up before he attacks again. Investigators are looking for John Carter they say he brutally raped his latest victim at knifepoint. Carter is a convicted rapist with a history of violence against woman...."


    "She thought the man she'd met in substance abuse counseling was turning the corner on his troubles, until she turned her back on him for a split second. "He sucker punched me in the stomach, punched me in the face, through me on the ground and started choking me," said Nancy.

    Then she says Carter tied her hands and put duct tape over her mouth. "He'd grab the knife and put it to my throat and kept saying I'll kill you," said Nancy. She says he spent the next two hours raping her....."


    "Not all Rape victims like to talk about their experiences, But, Nancy wants everyone to hear what she says John Carter did to her so that ne never gets the chance to rape again.

    John Carter is 51 years old. He is 6' tall and weighs 200 pounds. He has reddish blonde hair and brown eyes. He has a mustache and is missing his upper teeth. He has multiple tattoos on both arms and the word "Robin" tattooed on one hand. He sometimes wears glasses and talks with a slight lisp.

    more at link

    Evidence that John Carter is traveling south on I-5:


    Car of suspected Washington assailant found in Medford, OR

    "Medford police were put on alert Saturday when they learned that a man suspected of sexually assaulting a woman at knife point for hours in Washington might be in the area.

    King County sheriff's officials believe on July 27 John Alan Carter, 51, lured a woman he had known for several years to a house in Covington, Wash., and raped her at knife point....


    "...Carter disappeared in her 2008 Jeep Liberty.

    That car was found Friday parked in an east Medford [OR] neighborhood.


    "Carter is a violent felon with a 2007 conviction for approaching an woman in a Washington mall parking lot and holding a knife to her throat. He told her not to scream or she would be "hurt," according to the King County Sheriff's Department. The woman ignored his orders and screamed. Carter slashed her with the knife before fleeing.

    He has additional felony convictions for forgery and vehicle theft.

    Carter is described as possibly armed and dangerous and should not be approached.

    Anyone with information on this case is asked to call the Medford Police Department at 541-774-2249 or the King County Sheriff's Department at 206-296-3311.

    more at link

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    not a good way to start the day..

    plz God let him be caught today :


    Short, sweet, tear jerking 4-5 line stories one MUST read after reading true crime.


    Hiliarous tribute to Kathy B... OMG too funny

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    Full size mugshots.

    Man, I wouldn't tangle with that guy.


    Izzy, forgive my ignorance, but did he actually take this poor lady to the recovery house? Or was it his own home?

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