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    If Terri DID murder Ky, how did she do it??

    I hope this post isn't too morbid. If it isn't appropriate, just delete it.

    But, given the tight timeline and lack of any forsenic evidence, I wonder how did Terri kill Kyron if she did it. If this was murder and not a giveaway, how did she do it??

    I mean, there should have traces of blood somewhere, shouldn't it? Terri didn't have that much time to clean the truck, clothes, etc...

    How could she have killed the poor baby leaving little to no forsenic evidence??

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    Being that she is an adult and a former bodybuilder, and Kyron is a small, slightly built little 7-year-old boy, I don't believe thay she would need any type of weapon at all. Nor do I think that there would necessarily be any blood. I hate to even mention this, but all it would take would be a quick neck snap, or strong hands to strangle or smother.

    This is very, very upsetting for me to imagine.

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    All theories should go in the theory thread please..... back up your theory with MSM links. Thanks.

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