This is a timely article, given the open letter today to Craigslist concerning the prostituting of children. I'm quite impressed with the length of the possible sentences. This reflects many of the tougher laws against trafficking which have been enacted. Let's hope the judge follows the guidelines.

Portland [OR] man charged in forced prostitution of 13-year-old

"A 22-year-old Portland man faces federal sex-trafficking charges for allegedly transporting a 13-year old girl to three other states where he forced her into prostitution and beat her when she resisted.

Jefferson Bryant Davis, 22, appeared before U.S. Magistrate Court Judge Janice Stewart today who denied him bail...."


"....Davis transported the girl from Portland to Washington, California and Nevada with the intent that she engage in prostitution. He allegedly beat her and threatened her when she tried to refuse....."


"...Davis allegedly got the girl's address and threatened to kill her family if she talked to the police...."


"...The FBI and Salem Police investigated the case which was brought by the Oregon Human Trafficking Task Force.

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