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    New Zealand - Lucas Ward, 4, Gisborne, 17 Aug 2010

    Four-year-old missing in Gisborne

    Police said Lucas Ward went missing from his grandmother's house on Graham Road, in the suburb of Kaiti, at about 3pm this afternoon.
    Search and rescue were coordinating an intensive search, involving the Fire Service, Maori Wardens, the Coast Guard, and the local surf lifesaving club.

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    I couldn't find the proper prefix, sorry about that.

    Here is Help find my child's link

    ANYONE WITH INFORMATION about the whereabouts of Lucas should immediately contact Gisborne Police on (06) 869 0200.

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    Gisborne police have identified six sightings of children as crucial in the search for missing four-year-old Lucas Ward.

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    Family hunts through night for lost boy, 4

    Lucas is Pakeha and has blond hair. He was last seen wearing a light blue sweatshirt, track pants and had bare feet.
    A member of the public reported to police late yesterday that they had possibly seen him about 5.30pm.
    Police were urging that person to come forward so that they can speak to them again.
    Mr Lander said the search team had not found any sign or object to indicate that Lucas had been in the area and were not ruling out other possibilities regarding his disappearance.
    Police are asking all residents in the area surrounding and bordering Graham Road to search their backyards and riverbanks.
    * Any information - Gisborne police: (06) 869 0200.

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    In case I was not the only person who did not know what pakeha is.

    Pakeha, its origin and meaning
    An essay on the origin of the word Pakeha to describe non-indigenous New Zealanders.
    www.maorinews.com/writings/papers/other/pakeha.htm - Cached - Similar
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    Search for Lucas Ward enters third day

    The search for Gisborne four-year-old Lucas Ward is set to stretch into its third day.


    Yesterday, a police dive squad was brought in to search the Waimata River, which runs parallel along the back of Graham Rd properties, but no trace of Lucas was found.

    He was last seen at his grandmother's home in the Gisborne suburb of Kaiti about 3pm on Tuesday.

    Mr Aberahama said Lucas was an extrovert who was not afraid to speak to strangers and had been known to wander off in the past.

    More: http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/4038425/Search-for-Lucas-Ward-enters-third-day

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    Missing boy's mother is distraught

    The frantic mother of a Gisborne preschooler was last night clinging to the hope her boy is alive, more than 40 hours after the youngster vanished.

    All Jessica Ward knows is that her 4-year-old son, Lucas Ward, wandered off from the home of his grandparents, Anne-Marie and Mark Hunt, on Tuesday afternoon. From there, the trail has gone cold.

    More: http://www.odt.co.nz/news/national/1...her-distraught

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    Such a cute little boy.
    The fact that it's now been almost three days and that river behind the house worries me. I don't know much about New Zealand, but looking at the map of the river, it looks like it could be mountainous. Also, thought there were a lot of salt water crocrodiles around Australia and New Zealand that travel up into the rivers.
    I hope Lucas has already been found and the news is traveling around the globe trying to get to us.

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    Father searches all night for Lucas

    The father and family of Lucas Ward, the four-year-old missing in Gisborne since Tuesday, spent the morning scouring the area around where the child went missing.

    Lucas' father searched overnight until 3am and resumed at first light this morning.

    Gisborne police have spent the morning searching on land and in the Waimata River, as they grow increasingly concerned for the child's safety. The dive squad is again searching the Waimata, which runs parallel behind properties on Graham Rd.

    More: http://tvnz.co.nz/national-news/fath...-lucas-3715899

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    I am still amazed by the family assisting in the search, sitting on the banks of the river while they search... if more of the searches in the US were like that, there would be a lot less suspicion on the family. Interesting.

    Missing Boy's Family Clings To Hope

    The family of missing Gisborne preschooler Lucas Ward is clinging to hope he is alive.

    Eleanor Ward, sister of Lucas' father, Damon, drove to Gisborne from Napier early this morning.

    She said about 20 family members from both sides of the family are involved in searching for Lucas, or looking after other family member's children at another house in the suburb of Kaiti.

    ''We're not doing too well. We're keeping the faith, keeping thinking positively. That's all we can do really''.


    Foul Play Ruled Out

    Foul play isn't an option for police looking into the disappearance of Gisborne preschooler Lucas Ward.

    Reporter Murray Robertson says police have found no evidence to suggest Lucas' is a victim of foul play, including any chance of an abduction and says it's simply a missing persons inquiry.


    Exploring The Path To Dad's Home

    POLICE are investigating possible sightings of Lucas Ward that could draw a direct path between his grandparents’ Graham Road home, where he was last seen, and his father’s home in Owen Road.

    Police need to know if any of these sightings were Lucas. Parents and caregivers are asked to talk with their children to find out about:

    • 3pm — Lucas was last seen at his grandmother’s home in Graham Road.

    • 3.25pm — Two boys about eight and four were seen on the corner of Graham Road and Marian Drive. The younger boy had fair hair.

    • 4.15pm — A young boy was seen walking on de Lautour Road towards Owen Road. He was wearing a green T-shirt. A woman spoke to him and gave him a high-five. She did not know the boy. Was it Lucas or was it your son or someone you know?

    • 4.30pm — A boy fitting Lucas’ description was seen in Martin Park on Tyndall Road near Hudson Street. Did you see him?

    • 5.30pm or soon after — Someone in a vehicle stopped and spoke briefly to a Land SAR staff member and said they saw a boy who could be Lucas in the Tui Street and Kara Street area. If you were the person who provided this information, please contact Gisborne police as they need some moredetails.

    • 5.30pm or soon after — Another resident saw a child that could be Lucas in the Martin Park area. Were you there or around this area? Do you have information that can help?


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    hopefully this little fella is still wandering and they find him soon.........it is a good sign that quite a few people think they might have seen him.......

    but yep that river is a worry.........

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    Members of the police dive squad search the Waimata River looking for missing Lucas Ward (inset), of Gisborne


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    Here's a map of the area with locations of Grandmother's house, Father's house & possible sightings.

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    Reminds me of the 4 year old boy (( Nicolas Pineault)) earlier this year in Quebec who lived
    on the island and was drowned...

    Hope this case isn't as tragic.

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    "We Miss Him Dreadfully"

    Lucas' parents, Jessica and Damon Ward, were yesterday clinging to the hope their son would be found alive as they joined Gisborne police chief Sam Aberahama to plead for information or sightings of their son.

    The couple said the past few days had been awful as they looked for their little boy.

    "The response from caring people is keeping our hopes up. We desperately want to find him and are not giving up that Lucas will soon be back with us ...

    "We are missing him dreadfully, especially his eight-year-old brother, A, and 14-year-old sister, R."

    Shortly before the press conference, nearly 50 hours since the disappearance, Mrs Hunt (grandmother who's house he disappeared from) told The Dominion Post her hopes had dipped that Lucas would be found alive. "I personally don't think so. That's my personal gut instinct. We just want to find him."

    Mrs Ward said her son had "a healthy fear of water".
    It was reassuring that divers had been in the water since Wednesday morning but had not found anything. "That is very reassuring, just awesome," she said. "He has tough genes. He is durable."

    Police have ruled out three possible sightings of Lucas but still want information on two others.

    Tuesday, 3.25pm: Two boys aged about eight and four are seen on the corner of Graham Rd and Marian Dr.

    Just after 5.30pm: Someone in a vehicle stopped and spoke to a search and rescue worker and indicated they saw a boy who could be Lucas in the Tui and Kara Rd area. If you were this person, please contact police.


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