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    CA - Police Seek More Victims Sex Offender On Match.com

    66 year old Alan Wurtzel is a convicted sex offender. He also seeks dates/victims through the dating site Match.com

    Wurtzel has been charged with two sexual felony counts and police believe there are more victims out there. Wurtzel's old MO was finding women through personal ads.

    Warning mughsot with plastic surgery gone wrong. It always amazs me when older folks learn how to get computer saavy. That's a plus, but for guys like this?


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    Exclamation Yikes

    This guy is a sexual batterer. An Attorney fought to put him away.

    Instead Mr. Wurtzel got "weekend jail" and had to attend counseling sessions. Looks like that worked real well.

    More at link..................


    That was in 2009.

    Here cops were looking for him in 2004. Crimes going back to 2001. Now we got the guy using match.com. Ain't that swell? Doesn't even have to use the "room for rent" ruse anymore.


    Liar, Liar Pants On Fire. He's got a Myspace where he shaved a ton of years off his age. Not much on it at all. These guys always have a Myspace.
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    Match.com to begin checking for sex offenders in wake of lawsuit
    April 18, 2011|By the CNN Wire Staff

    Match.com says it will begin cross-referencing members against the National Sex Offender Registry after a lawsuit filed last week in California, in which a woman claims she was raped by a convicted offender she met on the dating website.

    Mandy Ginsberg, president of Match.com, U.S., said in a statement Sunday night that "improved technology and an improved database now enables a sufficient degree of accuracy to move forward" with an initiative it had previously discounted because of the background checks' "historical unreliability."
    Full Article: click here


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    So she is suing match.com? As if they could have prevented this? They have MILLIONS of members and they are NOT responsible for doing criminal background checks! If she paid a site to do a criminal background check and they missed this then that justifies a lawsuit, but a dating site? Hardly!

    PS wow...that cnn video is really something. Match.com also clearly posts a number of common sense dating rules, first of which is meet in a PUBLIC place.
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