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    Angry Convicted sex offender caught on school grounds

    Convicted sex offender caught on school grounds


    ALTON - A police officer recognized a man convicted of kidnapping and sexually assaulting a 5-year-old girl in 1994 and arrested him on the grounds of Alton Middle School after he had emerged from Rock Spring Park.

    Ironically, police arrested Barteau in Rock Spring Park after he assaulted the child in 1994.

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    What a creepy looking monster.

    Kudos to Police Chief David Hayes!

    Alton Police Chief David Hayes said no one from the Illinois Department of Corrections had notified local police about Barteau's early release from prison last October.

    Police first learned Barteau was back in Alton when an officer saw him in Riverfront Park, then later cited him with being a pedestrian in the roadway. Because many current Alton officers were not employed at the department during Barteau's arrest and trial, Hayes said he provided a photograph of the convicted molester for every patrol car.

    "I immediately notified the Patrol Division we would have zero tolerance with him," Hayes said.
    "We asked for a high bond (Friday). I don't want him walking around the city."
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    We are all just trying to make sense of an unimaginable crime.

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    Do they ever play by the rules? Do they follow the law? Dear Lord that guy would give you nightmares if you were just in the same room with him.

    Imagine that poor victim 15 years later in the store or walking down the block and seeing that?????????

    Thank goodness the police in Alton are on the ball. Please, please don't let him make bail. He'll be hitting the crack pipe and murdering a child and then not remember just like he said happened with his last victim.

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    What was his lovely, well thought out, sure to be entertaining and not honest whatsoever excuse for being on school grounds as a sex offender?

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    i saw his pic and shrieked "oh my god!?!?" what a creep. hope he doesnt get out for a LONG time. ( shudders)

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    repsectfully snipped

    Do they ever play by the rules? Do they ever follow the law?

    No and No
    Justice is comming for my son

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    In my own town this has happened a couple times.
    I'm positive these perps hang around, live around places children are.
    They just haven't been caught!
    Thank you to the LE that recognized that creep!
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    The courts just keep slapping them on the wrist and letting them go so they can do it again. Judges of all people should realize that these people can't be rehabilitated and that they will, in fact, do it again. It is so disappointing to see this happen time and again.

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