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    Ontario but a trucker so everywhere.

    Canada - Niagara Falls ON, WhtMale 799UMON, 26-40, White Supremacist Tattoos, Jun'91

    The Doe Network:

    Case File 799UMON

    Vital Statistics

    Estimated age: 26-40 years old

    Approximate Height and Weight: 6'10" (210 cm); 215 lbs. (97 kg)

    Distinguishing Characteristics: Brown hair, beard, mustache. Healed fracture of the right tibia and a scar 24 cm. long inside right lower leg from ankle to upper shin.

    Dentals: Natural Teeth

    Clothing: White socks, with blue stripes. Left running shoe only, Size 12.

    Tattoos: He had professionally done tattoos that reveal a little about the his lifestyle. 1) Right Shoulder above the armpit - Spider web with 2 bats and 3 spiders. The 'web' tattoo is common to people who have spent time in a U.S. prison.

    2) Right upper arm - skull on wings, front handle bar & headlight of a motorcycle "Live to Ride" with flames coming from the tip. The tattoo with the skull and cross are indicative of involvement in the 'biker' culture.

    3) Sternum - a separated pyramid with an eyeball in the top portion. The pyramid with the 'all seeing eye' is found on US currency. As well the symbol may have some meaning with Masonic circles

    4) Left chest - swastika with flames off of it.

    5) Left upper arm : A cross with a snake around the bottom with flames coming from the bottom of the cross.

    6) Left knee : Golf ball size symbol of a circle with four triangle shaped inserts. The round tattoo on his knee suggests some familiarity with the Ku Klux Klan.

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    With all those tattoos and the height (6' 10"), I am suprised he wasn't identified earlier. Maybe he was never reported missing. Too bad there isn't a pic of his face. I lived in this city in 1989 - 1990.

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    Perhaps we should try to match these Niagara Falls UIDs with American MPs. A match like this has been made before with Loretta Jo Gates, where a MP from the U.S. was found on the Canadian side of the falls.

    This case seems solvable if we look for missing Americans because of these distinctly American tattoos.

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    You have to wonder whether he has ever been reported missing, because with his height and tattoos, it would be a fairly easy match. I would say he is likely to be American?

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