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    ME - Krystal Higgins, 17, Columbia, 8 Aug 2004

    Intersting that these missing girls are popping up all along the New England coast, I hope there is no connection between Ligia Rae Collins, Burlington, VT, Maura Murray, Haverhill, NH and Brianna Maitland, Sheldon, VT. The police should certainly look into 4 missing women in 6 or so months, something just isn't right:

    COLUMBIA, Maine (AP) Authorities stepped up the search Wednesday for a teenage girl who went missing last weekend after she drove her car from a friend's house and said she was headed home.

    A dozen game wardens and scores of volunteers joined in the search for Crystal Higgins, 17, of Columbia, who was last seen Saturday night. Police and friends described Higgins as stable and responsible, saying that she works two jobs and has a paycheck waiting for her at one employer...

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    Question ?? about Crystal Higgins

    Does anyone out there know if she fit the physical profile of Brainna and Maura(not sure about Ligia) of being petite(5'4" or under)? She was last seen driving-that sure matches Brianna and Maura(again, not sure about Ligia)-this is starting to become more than creepy-downright eerie is more like it!

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    It is our understanding (mine and others who have networked Brianna and Maura's cases) that LE and the families long ago dropped the idea of any possible association between the two cases. Two seperate investigations leading two different directions, but the families are in contact, often, now.

    Thank you for your post, and please pray for Crystal and those who search for her, and thanks.
    With HOPE, Lanie

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    Missing Maine Girls Car Found In The River She Has Not Been Found

    August 13 2004

    Team Amber Alert Ask That You Still Remember This Child Is Out Their Somewhere. She has Not Been Found.

    One of the biggest missing-person searches ever in Down East Maine took an ominous turn Thursday, when authorities found Krystal Higgins' car submerged in the Pleasant River but could not locate the teenager.

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    Her body has been found.

    Five feet from shore.

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    Oh God Bless her.........How sad......and she tired to hard to make do.....bad family situation. OMG. This may have been an accident.....Do we know.
    Please up date if you can.


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    August 16, 2004

    The body of a teenage girl recovered over the weekend from the Pleasant River in Addison was identified Monday afternoon as that of Krystal Higgins.

    ADDISON, Maine (AP) -- The 17-year-old Higgins, who lived in Columbia, was the object of last week's search that included scores of volunteers, wardens and police. She vanished on the night of August 7th after leaving a friend's house.
    Divers searched the river Friday without success after Higgins' car was found in the water. But Saturday morning, a marine patrol warden who was dragging an inlet recovered the body.

    A spokeswoman for the Maine Medical Examiner's Office said the cause of death was not determined and is pending further study. The spokeswoman, who declined to be identified by name, said she had no further information.


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    I'm so sad to hear about this. At least her family can have a little piece knowing what became of her...

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    Has there been any word on what happened to her??

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    This is a link to her online obituary, with some very touching comments from friends and families. It sounds like there is still an unknown when it comes to how or why she drowned.


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