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    Probably Not Connected: Small foot washes up on Whidbey Island,WA

    A person walking along the beach near a Greenbank boat launch late Friday morning found what has been identified as a human right foot, Island County Sheriff's Office said.

    The foot was likely in the water for less than two months, investigators said, and judging by the size of the foot, it likely belonged to a woman or a child. The foot reportedly had no skin; only muscle and tendon remained.

    I googled mapped it, and it's pretty much a straight shot up I-5. It says it takes around 7hrs, but if someone was helping...who knows?

    This is only speculation and I thought it was interesting. COuld it end up being connected?

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    That's up near Seattle, we used to go camping there. Fairly remote, iirc the island itself is only accessible by ferry.

    That link was very creepy, eeeek.

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    Haven't there been a lot of feet (adult) washing up around Seattle in the last few years?

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    Please discuss with members in the UID forum. Thanks!

    [ame=""]WA Human foot found on West Coast beach - Websleuths Crime Sleuthing Community[/ame]

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