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    Mum, newborn 'critical' after doctors brawl

    An Italian mother and her newborn baby are fighting for their lives after maternity ward doctors got into a bloody brawl as she tried to give birth, according to a report.

    Laura Salpietro, 30, suffered severe blood loss and had to have a hysterectomy while her newborn son Antonio had two cardiac arrests following the bungled delivery in Messina, Sicily, Britainís Daily Mail newspaper reports.

    The dispute began when Ms Salpietro, her waters broken, arrived at the Polyclinic Hospital and doctors started arguing over whether she should give birth naturally or by Caesarian.

    Incredibly, the argument between gynaecologist Vincenzo Benedetto and maternity unit doctor Antonio De Vivo became physical as the pair traded blows in the delivery room, the report said.

    more at link:


    I cannot even imagine what it must have been like for this poor woman!

    Thankfully both doctors have been suspended.

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    Unbelievable! As if delivering a baby isn't difficult enough when the dr. is right there with you!

    I wonder if she had private insurance, or if this is just another perk of national health care.

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    Suspended, arrested is a better idea.

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    "...Mr. Molonia said he may take legal action."

    YA THINK??? Not only did they neglect the mother/child but there was blood everywhere. Risk factor, anyone?? Wow.

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    An update on this mom and her baby:


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    Right or wrong, it was her doctor's decision to make on the C-section. The other doctor had no business getting involved. Both of them acted very unprofessional.
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    There is a saying amongst OBGYN's

    "I've never regretted sectioning someone but I have regretted NOT doing one".

    Had that section been performed the baby would probably not have brain damage and it is also possible that nothing would have been torn or ruptured. (although that could be the reason she needed the section in the first place)

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