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    Thumbs down Buffalo Attacks Woman After An Idiot Throws A Stick On It.



    ...The trip to Los Angeles did have one interesting side note. While there, tape on her leg caused an allergic reaction. The emergency room told her to consult an allergist when she got back to Ogden.

    That allergist told her his father-in-law, who lives in Brazil, was in Yellowstone Park on July 19 and remembers throwing a stick at a bison in the same area that she was attacked.

    Same stick on the same bison? Short of interviewing the bison, there is no way to be sure, "but it was an interesting circle of events," she said.

    Meanwhile, her leg still hurts. She's back at work at Ben Lomond High School, where she is the yearbook adviser. Her students gave her a "Buffalo Crossing" sign....

    Is there a reason to throw a stick at an animal? Even if it hadn't caused the animal to attack why do it? What's the point? People never cease to amaze me. This guy is obviously much older because he's a father in law so how could someone that old be such an A. Idiot B. Uncaring of animals C. Idiot D. Immature E. Idiot?

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    F. all of the above

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