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    New Newspaper in Georgia

    One of our counties is publishing a new newspaper. I'll have to remember not speed if I drive thru there.


    "Bad and Busted is a very thin 12 to 16 page tabloid with a very simple concept: It publishes the names and the charges and the photographs of the recently arrested. It has five editions that cover 28 counties in northeast Georgia"

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    It gives a lot of wannabe's their first chance to get on the front page

    I suppose it is a good for the county that it's described very thin.

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    Something similar was recently started here, I think it is called the Jail Report. Ticks me off as it is only those arrested, not convicted, so if charges are dropped your picture is already in there. But some buy it weekly so I guess they enjoy reading it.

    Adji, you are not forgotten and you are loved.

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    I would find it useful for keeping an eye out for kids who go to school with my teenager. It would come in handy when making a list of who not to go with to the prom!

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