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    CA - San Francisco, WhtFem body, ~40, Jul'10 - Nancy Barrett

    San Francisco Chronicle: Help sought in identifying dead woman in S.F.
    The woman was found early July 16[, 2010] in the lot of the Presidio Inn at 2361 Lombard St., the chief medical examiner's office said Wednesday. The cause of her death has not been determined.

    The woman was white, about 40, and was 5-foot-8 and 129 pounds, the office said. She had wavy brown and gray hair, about 16 inches long.

    The woman was wearing a blue sweat shirt and several shirts, green cargo pants, black Teva sandals and a pink baseball cap with the words, "Roadside Lumber & Hardware Inc." She had no jewelry, tattoos or identifying scars.

    Anyone with information is asked to call the chief medical examiner at (415) 553-1694.
    The street where the woman was found is roughly in the Marina District-Cow Hollow area, which as a whole is not a shady place — lots of yuppies, fairly well-off types, nightclubs in some areas — but that stretch of Lombard has a whole bunch of motels, most of them privately run, I think. Given that she has gone this long without being identified, it is possible that she was a drug addict, sex worker, or otherwise homeless. She may also simply have been traveling.

    That she was wearing several shirts in July is not necessarily meaningful in San Francisco, since summers in the Bay Area are generally cool and this one has been one of the coldest on record.

    Roadside Lumber & Hardware, Inc. is based in Agoura Hills, California, which is about 30 miles northwest of Los Angeles, between Simi Valley near the hills and Malibu on the coast.

    (Attachments are pencil sketches of the UID.)

    Edited to add: As of September 1, 2010, she is not yet in NamUs.
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Presidio Inn at 2361 Lombard St, San Francisco, CA 94123


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    Age is off, as is hair color, but she looks so much like Crystal Fox, and Crystal went missing in that same area in 2008:

    And this one is missing from the same area as the lumber business:


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    Quote Originally Posted by Julessleuther View Post
    Age is off, as is hair color, but she looks so much like Crystal Fox, and Crystal went missing in that same area in 2008:

    And this one is missing from the same area as the lumber business:

    Okay, Dolly Perez seems highly unlikely - she'd be 57 now and was only 5'2". The UID was 5'8".

    Crystal Fox is much more promising IMO.

    Height - 5'7" vs 5'8 (UID). 1" discrepancy is a reporting error.

    Weight - 110 vs 129. Normally people don't gain weight when they're homeless but we're only talking 19lbs from an unusually low starting point for the height. Both women could be described as tall and thin. This might also be a reporting error, e.g., from an old driver's license.

    Hair color - Crystal would be 31 now. That's young to go gray, but if she were homeless, she might not be dying it, and she's not too young to be graying. The UID seems facially younger than 40. UID is described as having "gray and brown hair." A friend of mine had similar color hair to Crystal's when younger. Now, at 33, he is graying slightly and his hair appears more brown.

    Circumstances - Crystal's car was found near the Golden Gate Bridge, possibly as little as 2 miles from the UID's location. Her disappearance is consistent with suicide or a mental breakdown - and if the latter, 1.5 years of homelessness in SFO is not difficult to reconcile. Her father says:

    Xmas might come and go but My wife's birthday she never missed. we received a call on January 7th from Sacramento that her car a 1996 Toyota Tercel had been found abandoned in a parking area next to the Golden Gate bridge on or about the 30th of December.She had like many others lost her job and I find out now had been selling her processions and had ended a relationship.She had been living on her own for close to 6 years. She never asked for help.
    If she had truly hit rock bottom, she might have sold her car first (a good '96 Tercel is still worth $1k or so) but if she were ending a relationship too, she might simply have walked away, been too ashamed, confused or just poor to make contact, and then sadly ended her own life. It certainly sounds as though she was not in the tightest contact with her family, and that she was experiencing a difficult situation before her disappearance.

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    Here's an article with a fourth drawing the previous article didn't include, a side-view of the woman wearing her ballcap:


    July 2010 article from when she was found. Note the information that the lumber company was able to account for all its employees:


    Her ballcap might be important yet. The lumber company's site states that they have over 100 employees and sell to contractors as well as the general public. As sexist as this sounds, exactly how many pink ballcaps would they have made with the company name printed on them? Would these have been given away as promotions or only to employees?
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    UID just added to Namus recently. no rule outs (and no photos or sketches either):


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    Nancy Barrett seems to be a possibility?


    Nancy Barrett, 53, was last seen on July 14, 2010
    Barrett, described as a white female with brown hair and brown eyes, 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs approximately 150 pounds
    Police believe Barrett's hair is most likely gray. She may have been wearing green cargo pants and a tan sweater.
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    I have submitted Nancy Barrett's name for consideration in case #9170 to the Namus ME and Case Manager.

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    --- On Tue, 1/24/12, Jana.Tawney@sfgov.org <Jana.Tawney@sfgov.org> wrote:

    From: Jana.Tawney@sfgov.org <Jana.Tawney@sfgov.org>
    Subject: Re: NamUs - Identify - 9170
    To: <redacted>
    Date: Tuesday, January 24, 2012, 4:35 PM

    Hi XXXX,

    I want to say thank you, Nancy Barrett was a match. She is now officially identified and her family has been notified. <rest of message redacted>


    Jana Tawney, BA
    Public Service Aide
    Office of the Chief Medical Examiner
    City and County of San Francisco

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    FANTASTIC Summer Breeze!!! Oh my gosh! I'm so excited! Nancy gets to go home!

    And that was FAST!!!

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    Oh Captain, My Captain
    Bless you-I am so very glad that Nancy is going home to those who love her.

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    I like to analyze these cases to help with future sleuthing. With this one, I wonder how Nancy got all the way up to San Fran when LE reported they thought she was still in the area?
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    Great Job SB-You brought a long lost family member home and a family closure!! RIP Nancy

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    Excellent job summer_breeze! So glad Nancy's family has answers and she has her name back.

    Sleep peacefully, Nancy.

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