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    Man jumps 40 stories to land on a car and survives

    • Police fear suicide attempt
    • Broke legs, shattered ankle, collapsed lung
    • Was conscious afterwards

    A NEW York City man who leapt 40 storeys from the rooftop of an apartment building has survived after crashing on to a parked car.

    Witnesses and police say 22-year-old Thomas Magill jumped from the high-rise at West 63rd Street yesterday, the New York Post said.

    He suffered just a broken leg, a shattered ankle and a collapsed lung after his 10.44am leap from atop the West End Towers on West End Avenue at 63rd Street.


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    He must have had some help from above.

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    The guy that owned the charger that he landed on said he thinks the man survived because of the rosary he keeps in the car.

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    Boy, thats gotta hurt. Wonder how the flight was?

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    How sad, I hope he gets the help he needs.

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    not exacty the ending the poor guy expected. Now not only is he depressed but broken up. Hope he gets some counseling.
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