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    NC - woman murdered for changing her Facebook status

    Texas Mist started a thread about a British woman who was killed for a similar reason last year. How tremendously sad.

    Man Kills Ex After She Announced Engagement to Another Man on Facebook

    "A North Carolina woman was fatally shot by her ex-boyfriend after she posted news of her engagement to another man on her Facebook page, police told ABC News.

    Sheriff's officials in North Carolina say Karen Ann Rooney was shot and killed by her ex-boyfriend after she changed her Facebook status to "engaged."

    Karen Ann Rooney, 63, was found shot several times in her Maysville, N.C., home Saturday night by a neighbor. With her was Peter Terrance Moonan, 62, who is believed to have killed Rooney before turning the gun on himself. Rooney and Moonan had dated for 16 years...."

    more at link

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    How utterly senseless. This poor woman.

    BTW, Miss Texas Mist.

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