James Renner's book The Serial Killer's Apprentice has over a dozen true crime stories. One is about Joseph Kupchik. He was a college-aged twin who was working in a restaurant part-time, while going to college. At this particular job, his co-workers made fun of him and he just didn't "click" with them. They reportedly often changed his work schedule to those of a less desirable/profitable time. He was a good kid who had developed a bit of a gambling problem, which was a large part of why his death wasn't seen as a homocide. His car was found on the 9th floor of a parking garage in Cleveland, and his body in the alley below. He died shortly after the EMTs got there, his injuries consistent with falling from the 9th floor.

Because he gambled, police seemed to jump to the conclusion of suicide. But there were many odd parts of this story that suggest something else. For example, "ice melt" chemicals were found on his body and there was a large container, locking from the outside, nearby that contained this substance.

He had a stab wound on the left side of his chest, his t-shirt was bloody, yet there was no bloody on the railing he would have been climbing over to jump. There were more questionable things too.

His car was parked in a place known for groups partying and playing loud music and security tapes were conveniently lost -- maybe because the owner of the garage wanted to avoid liability? There were a number of young people who might have been involved, many connected to his job or betting, as James Renner's story reveals.

I don't think Joe killed himself; I really think that perhaps people from work were teasing or taunting him and it got out of control. I'd really like to hear what you all think...

Here's a link to Google books and as of right now the entire short article is available.