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    WA - Puyallup, Lakewood acid attacks, 2010

    I felt that it would be best if we had a separate thread for each of the acid attacks. There are some similarities but also some differences. Even though, Bethany Storro's attack is probably getting the most attention due to the severity of her burns, these others might be connected. This attack seemed to be the first reported:


    Police seek identity of suspect in acid attack

    "Early on the morning of Friday, July 30, a 23-year-old woman was attacked in the parking lot of the Hamptonís apartment complex, 2549 South Meridian St.[Puyallup, WA]

    Police, responding to a 911 call just before 5 a.m. found a woman was covered with chemical burns to her face and eyes in the parking lot. She said she had been approached by the man, who said he was locked out of his apartment and asked for a glass of water.

    The woman, who was carrying a taser, went into her apartment and returned with the water. When she handed him the water, he threw a liquid on her face and ran off. She attempted to fire off her taser, but failed....."

    more at link/police sketch/description of suspect

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    An interesting article on acid throwing or acid attacks:

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    Dear God, these acid attacks are terrifying....this is the third I've read about in the space of two days. What in God's name is happening to society? This makes me want to hide indoors and never venture outside again. These people are freakin insane. I don't know what else to say. Sick, sick, sick....

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    between black and white
    I can't understand how a person can be so removed from their own humanity, to be able do this.

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    wow, I didn't realize there was more than one, although it doesn't really surprise me that there is (how sad is that!)

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    With multiple cities and perpetrators, it will be interesting to see if there is any connection. I hope the guilty parties will be caught!

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    Please, if there are any chemists or nurses that would know what we women can carry in our purses to neutralize the acid....please disclose. I've looked up as much as I can...maybe a CO2 water bottle that could shoot the water with enough pressure to get it off...and some baking soda???? We are all disturbed by this...I tried calling into JVM last night to ask them to get some info to us about getting the acid off should this ever happen to anyone else, but couldn't get through.

    This would be horrible for ANYONE, but I'm pretty scared as a model. =(
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    WA - More WA acid attacks

    I'm a bit confused here. Are they referring to the Puyallup attack that preceded the hoax by Storro? If so, we have a thread on that crime with a sketch of the victim....a 20-30 year old black man who approached a woman in a parking lot on July 30th.


    "LAKEWOOD, Wash. -- The acid-throwing hoax in Vancouver has local victims of liquid attacks worried they won't be believed.

    In Lakewood, there have been a rash of attacks where a man is hitting victims with an unknown liquid. Lakewood police say they believe their victims, but realize the Vancouver [Bethany Storro] case might raise some doubt with folks.

    In one of the Lakewood attacks, the woman says she was hit with a balloon filled with nasty stuff...."


    "...Lakewood police say they believe T's story -- she's one of 7 victims of what police believe is the same suspect. A similar looking suspect allegedly threw a caustic liquid in the face of a Puyallup woman shortly before the Lakewood attacks. Police believe her story too.

    "It's unfortunate what happened in Vancouver," said Lt. Chris Engle with Puyallup Police. "But we very much believe her and we want people to keep a look out for the suspect and be vigilant and watchful....."

    more at link

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