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    PA - Harvey Marinoff, 67, shot to death, Philadelphia, 5 Aug 2010

    Reinaldo Amador is a handsome 17 year old. His mother said it was while he was on a corner at 5th and Allegheny where a man pulled up in his car clutching a Blunt and asked the young guy for a light. That man was 67 year old Harvey Marinoff. See, I got a lot of trouble with this. Of course JMO but this is a young id for heaven's sakes.

    Amador said in a statement that he read last month that he shot Marinoff after Marinoff allegedly tried to make him perform oral sex. Again just Filly and knowing the streets, but I'm believing the kid. However, Marinoff was also strangled so the kid isn't being 100% truthful.

    Marinoff now folks was no innocent. I hate to speak ill of the dead but facts are facts. He ran a check cashing business from which he sold drugs. He plead guilty in 2005 for distributing Xanax. During that search officer's turned up a loaded five shot revolver., $71,472.00 in cash, marijuanna, Xanax and the coup de gras Methadone.

    For that Marinoff got three years propation. Big whoop. Two years later in August 2007 cops overheard conversation which a man requested $80.00 worth of marcotics. Marinoff was the dealer. They followed the man to the Bailey Street near Tasker home. Cocaine and pills. A quarter gram of cocaine, oxycodone, Xanax, Valium, and ready?

    A large stash of child pornography. He got off because his lawyer said the search was done without a warrant. I say Mr. Marinoff knew somebody I betcha. More at link how this kid was on house arrest. He snuck out after his mom went to sleep.

    This is sad. Sad all around. Meanwhile God Bless the South Philly neighbors as they said nothing bad about marinoff. Save for "Why did he have to get involved with drugs?"

    I don't know? Why did he pick up 17 year old boys and ply them with drugs? What the heck was he doing at 5th and Allegheny? I know. I mean come on. Cruising. Trick. This makes me so mad.


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    Sorry for the typo errors. I was in a huff.

    Please know I am so not condoning murder. It's just that I've seen older guys like this with all the drugs. Ultimately kids get sucked in. Of course they are not all angels. I also didn't mean this young kid was out there looking to get picked up. Obviously not. However, this man was out of his own neighborhood and the neighborhood he was in isn't all that swell.

    Amador did take his car and the gun after he shot Marinoff. He ditched both. Somebody caught driving the car ran a light and got caught. Neighbors had called police because they hadn't seen Marinoff. Two and two.

    It's so tough when you have a man that people actually like. The guy that will lend ya rent money and all. Then there's the other side. This man aslo has a niece surviving him. It can not be easy for her.

    This is what happens out there. I feel for this young man's mother. Drugs and being out asking kids for a light for a Blunt? Kids in trouble. It's a bad, bad mix. Again I am sorry someone has been murdered. I am sorry a young kid is locked up especially if he was freaked out about some older man in his underwear coming on to him and not expecting it.

    Sometimes I just want to cry for all the ugly out there.

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    From July 2011:


    Nearly a year after Harvey Marinoff was shot and killed inside his South Philly apartment, his teenage friend, Reinaldo Amador, pleaded guilty to third-degree murder Monday, passing up a jury trial that would have exposed him to the possibility of a life sentence.

    Judge Glenn B. Bronson sentenced Amador, 18, to 17 1/2 to 40 years in state prison.

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