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    WA - Brian Barton, 25, Federal Way, 10 March 2005

    Brian Barton, age 30, went missing from his home in Federal Way, WA on March 10, 2005. There are basically no leads, no information or anything pertaining to his disappearance. It's like he walked off the face of the earth. His case was featured on America's Most Wanted in 2008.





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    Thank you for posting this. Brian's mom is a friend of a friend. She is still holding out hope that he is safe and will be found one day.

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    I looked for archived articles and couldn't locate any.

    I found this thread that has a couple of articles that are copy and pasted so that they can be read.

    What a handsome young man. Prayers for his family.
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    Disappeared (Investigation Discovery channel) will be featuring Brian and his case on their January 24th episode.

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    Just saw this case on Disappeared last night. What a strange case! I think one of two things happened:

    1. He did kill himself. It's difficult to commit suicide in a manner in which you will not be found, but possible. Signs pointing to this: cryptic comments to the therapist and girlfriend, missing bottle of Tylenol PM (Maybe to drug him enough to go through with it?) and leaving his wallet, cash and phone.

    2. The roommates and band members did it/know who did. The show did say that they all passed polygraphs, but in an article I read it said they were only asked two questions. Not too hard to beat that, imo. I found them strangely unemotional, and there were several unanswered questions.

    I don't see a stranger abduction happening here. Anyone else see it and have any thoughts?

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    I watched the same show. It was really weird that no one knew how the door was damaged. Someone had to remember something- a wild party, a fight?
    I think the "fiancee" knew a little more than she told the cameras. Why would she be flirting with other guys at a bar if she was engaged? It didn't seem like a stable relationship. She seemed like she didn't want to be tied down.
    Why would his "best friend" put up a picture of himself with a gun telling someone that he would kill them because they quit the band (a different band member)? That definitely was not a "joke" like he said. You don't joke around like that. That was intentional.
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    I don't think his band mates or his girlfriend know a thing. I just saw this case on Disappeared as well. With respect, I think the female investigator was very odd, and came to assumptions, or felt things that absolutely had no basis in reality.

    She found it alarming that his fiancee didn't wait days to report Brian missing? I don't find that odd at all. Brian's car was left behind with his keys, his cell phone, his wallet, and $800.00 in it. Due to that and the fact that Brian was due back after his appointment but did not return, that his bandmates did not know where he was, and that he had been acting slightly strange, it makes perfect sense that she would not wait to call the police.

    And that bit about her flirting? That was what he told his bandmates. It is not necessarily fact. I think he may have had an onset of psychosis of some type. If he has schizophrenia, 25 is in the age range when it usually manifests itself. Hence, he suddenly became suspicious about his girlfriend, suddenly needed to quit the band, and saw angels appear that told him to join the fight between good and evil.

    Also, all of his bandmates and his girlfriend passed polygraphs and I did not see a shred of evidence that something bad was done to him - just the wild imagination of the investigator who seemed very odd to me - nothing else. The bent screendoor? I have one of those myself. There could be any number of non-ominous reasons for it.

    I believe this young man could have wandered into the forest and eventually died of exposure, threw himself into a river, or taken off on foot and wandered as his bandmates say he talked about. I really can easily see Brian taking off, jumping trains and losing himself in some city as many mentally ill homeless people do.

    I think the best bet to finding him would be to mail his flyer to as many homeless shelters as possible around the country, mostly in major cities. If he is alive, which is a very good possibility, he's on the street somewhere and that someone may recognize him.

    Finally, altering his photo a bit to add scraggly, long hair and possibly facial hair, and sending that to homeless shelters, may help. Mentally ill street people can be quite resourceful and do come into contact with such agencies on a regular basis.
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    For The Missing: Pacific Northwest

    Brian Barton has been missing from Washington for 6 years tomorrow. Call the Federal Way Police Department at 253-835-6751 with any information.

    Charley Project - Brian Roy Barton - Federal Way WA, 2005

    25-year-old Brian Barton has been missing from Federal Way, Washington since March 10, 2005. All of his personal belongings were left behind, including his vehicles, money, keys, wallet, and cell phone. Brian would now be 31. He is approximately 6'4" and has multiple tattoos.

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    Federal Way missing man cold case highlighted on new TV show

    Video at link - http://www.king5.com/video/featured-...117772839.html

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    I just saw a documentary featuring this case and and found it rather perplexing. It seemed pretty obvious to me that there was a great deal of tension between Barton's g/f and his band mates. It wasn't terribly surprising to me that when he went missing, they immediately started to suspect one another. In their rush to point fingers at one another (seemingly spurred on by the lead detective), I believe that something quite significant was overlooked. Some of his comments and behavior immediately preceeding his disappearance seem very erratic to me.
    If one of my loved ones told me that they had been visited by an "angel" who tried to enlist them in "the fight between good and evil", I would have more than just a fleeting concern. It appears that Mr. Barton made multiple comments of that nature, not just to his g/f, but others as well. It concerns me that this wasn't taken more seriously.
    I didn't really understand why LE was so suspicious of his g/f and bandmates. It felt like perhaps LE had some information that they were holding back. Otherwise their intense suspicious seems illogical. I really hope this case can be resolved soon.

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    How soon before he went missing did he find out he was adopted? Some sites are stating that he found out just before he went missing.

    Also, Human remains found:
    Read More:
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    I'm just sayin.....

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    I think he offed himself

    Finally watched the 'Disappeared' episode on this via Itunes. The bandmates definitely had nothing to do with it, and the female detective was misreading these kids. First of all, all of the friends and g/f were suspicious of each other, almost parnoid of one another like a whodunit case. The g/f was looking at 'Tank' because she was suspicious of him and maybe wondered what he was capable of, not because she was looking to keep her story straight.

    She didn't like the bandmates. There was a minor war between Brian's g/f and the band anyway, so why would they conspire to off Brian? Both the bandmates and the g/f really cared for this guy. They were fighting over him. Each side wanted him to themselves. How does that translate into them conspiring to get rid of him? It doesn't!

    He had no money and what money he had was left in his wallet. Money wasn't a motive. No one took the 800 bucks, so what is the motive for murder, because he broke up the band?

    Well if someone leaves the band for a while, they can easily be talked back into joining when they get their head on straight. If you kill them, then there's no chance of him changing his mind. Besides he only left for a week. It's not like he stole all their songs, formed a new band and got a record contract by himself--something that really might enrage them. No. Nothing like this happened. He just said he quit just like he broke up with his girlfriend for a day. It meant nothing in the grand scheme of things. The female detective seems like an amateur.

    None of them refused questioning. None of them had weird stories. There was no blood. I mean, Brian was 6' 4". He was big. A guy like that isn't going to be killed easily without using a gun. I don't care how big Tank is, he wasn't big enough to kill a 6' 4" well built Brian with his bare hands and the only damage left was a kicked out screen door and no other blood or destruction. Give me a break. To top it off, the girlfriend definitely loved this guy. They had problems. She was young and wild, but she really wanted to work things out.

    The reason he was reported missing quickly is because everyone felt he was at the end of his rope. He wasn't insane, but he was overwhelmed emotionally. Brian didn't come across as a drama queen who was contantly threatening to off himself, and he apparently was very punctual and went through his routine like a discipline adult. Highly disciplined people are reported missing a lot sooner than vagrants. Brian was the former. His friends knew he was having a crisis because his strange, pensive, depressive behavior was rare for him, and they become concerned immediately.

    The only mystery is, where did he off himself--why wasn't he found? Well, it is Washington. There's plenty of places. I'm convinced this is the case, but it's sad because, no matter what was going on, he'd have gotten over it. I mean, life has a way of working itself out. What a shame. He was such a handsome kid.

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    I just watched this on "Disappeared" and totally agree with Gitana1. I came to the exact same conclusions myself, especially his being at the right age for the onset of schizophrenia. I was very surprised this wasn't mentioned in the program.

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    I'm not convinced that he commited suicide. He didn't have his truck with him so I don't think he could have gotten all that far away to do himself in. He would have been found by now. Like the previous post says he is 6'4, and " big" and it is hard to hide your own body. I don't think however that his size is a reason to argue that he didn't meet with foul play because a shotgun doesn't care how big you are. Anyway this is MOO!

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