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    Quote Originally Posted by Sally Steeltoe View Post
    ...aaaaand it's almost fall once more, and I remembered Erin again. Just did a quick search and came across an article I can't recall having read before (though it's quite old):


    It says the boyfriend "could not provide a good description of the man" who had attacked him at the Redmond gas station. Fishy fishy fishy. I really wish I knew whether this guy had been investigated!
    Maybe someone will remember seeing the car somewhere?

    Thanks for the updated article, from the link, rbbm...

    "Erin MacGregor is described as 5 feet, 7 inches tall, weighing about 125 pounds, with long blond hair and green eyes. Her car, a 1985 blue and silver Honda CRX with license number 348 BKL, also is missing."

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    Yeah, the boyfriend's story definitely pegged the needle on the BS meter. I am interested to know if he reported it to the police at the time it happened. If someone threatened me or my girlfriend like that, I would certainly report it. Why couldn't he describe the guy at the gas station? Was the guy wearing a mask? He may be completely innocent in the whole thing, but his story raises questions. Unfortunately as I read a lot of these cases, it seems the police leave gaps in the info that make it difficult for the general public to help. I understand they want to withhold some info to keep from getting bombarded by people who just want attention, but sometimes the investigations don't seem thorough. Hopefully, someday she receives justice.

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