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    WI - Disc Jockey Rockin Ray Busted For Videoing Girls Changing After Volleyball Tourn

    Friends there's a huge mugshot. Covered that base.

    DJ Ray Moores aka Rockin Ray real name Bruce Moores was arrested after being noticed videotaping young girls changing out of their jersey's after a volleyball game. Thankfully girls today they so will come right out and tell and not question who they weirdo is taping them.

    Moores lied. He said he was a reporter. Ummmmm, no he's a DJ. His employer tried to cover his butt and said the film and pictures only showed midsection of the young ladies. What?

    Again gotta be proud of the girls. A bus load of girls waiting to be returned to their own school saw the arrest go down and told authorites that guy told us he was a reporter and was contracted to take our photographs.

    Don't all be surprised now. Back in 1992 DJ D-Head was convicted of sexual assault of a child while in a position of trust. Go figure.

    ***More disturbing to me is that this past June he got slapped with a ticket for tresspassing. Where was he? In a vacant office having sex with an 18 year old girl. What? So he got a ticket? Nobody bothered counseling the 18 year old? He's a freaking 49 year old man.***

    Out on bond. $150.00 See ya in court on September 28th. Oh and he's on a leave of abscence or something like that according to his radio station.


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    This reminds me of a case we had here in Hampton Roads several years ago. There was a well-respected male teacher that taught Latin and also coached the girls' track team (high school). He must have been the coach for ten years or more and the girls loved him. Then somehow it came out that he had been videotaping them as they changed their clothes in the locker room.

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    B-U_S_T_E_D You are busted!! Sang to the tune of Candace, from Phineas and Ferb! Good going girls!! You are my hero's for today!!

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    I have to say that the article you linked to Filly, is full of great info. The reporter and editor did a great job with the size of the [UGLY] photo and the details about the man's past and recent behavior. We don't usually get this level of coverage.

    So, thank you Barbara Lyon of the Dunn County News.

    Parents and coaches; this is a wake up call about your your young athletes. The kids should have it drilled into them that they are to report anyone photographing to their coaches so the coach can do a quick check and make sure it's legit. It's one thing to photograph or film the game. It's quite another to take photos of individual players without first talking to the coach.

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    Rockin Ray is free to rock, and the Eau Claire DA wants a thorough investigation done to see if they can file criminal charges against this guy.

    I'm still stuck on the fact he had an 18 year old girl in an abandoned office having sex with her and he got a trespassing ticket. Who is that poor girl? How is she? Where is she? Yes, I know she's an adult, but come on. This guy is a predator.


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